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Distributor News

버지니아의 Legacy사와 캘리포니아의 Bellissimo사는 구매 관련하여 합작법인을 설립하였다. Legacy Foodservice Alliance, LLC of Glen Allen, VA, and Bellissimo Foods Co., LLC, of Walnut Creek, CA, announced this week that they have formed a joint venture to collectively manage their supply side efforts. The new venture, named Group Purchasing Alliance, will be responsible for managing group supplier agreements, procurement, brand development, marketing, and service programs. Both groups emphasize that the move is not a merger, states ID Report. Full Story

Operator News

스타벅스는 성장 가속화를 통해 이익률을 증가시키려고 하고 있다. 올해 신규 점포의 수가 1,063개였는데, 내년에는 1,300개 수준으로 증가할 계획이다. Starbucks Corp. plans to accelerate growth and brew up a stronger profit in the year ahead. In the year ahead, the company also plans to open 1,300 net new stores, up from the 1,063 it opened in the just completed year. Although consumer packaged goods remain a relatively a small portion of Starbucks' business, revenue for that segment rose 33% to $393 million in the quarter, reported The Associated Press. Full Story Starbucks' profit edged up in its fiscal fourth quarter from promotional measures to draw customers as same-store sales slowed in the previous quarter. Same-store sales grew 7% in the U.S. in the quarter after the company reintroduced its "treat receipt" given to morning customers enabling them to get a discounted drink if they return in the afternoon. Starbucks also offered a deal on LivingSocial in September that was purchased by 1.5 million customer in less than 24 hours, many of whom signed up for rewards cards and became repeat visitors, Starbucks stated, reported The Wall Street Journal. Full Story (WSJ Subscription Required)

올랜도 기반의 NYPD Pizzeria는 미국 전역에 진출할 계획을 밝혔다. Orlando-based NYPD Pizzeria is making plans to go nationwide, entering into a joint venture with franchising company Beautiful Brands International. The pizza franchise will offer two store models: a 900-sq.-ft delivery, take-out unit and a larger version starting at 1,800-sq.-ft. for full or quick service, take-out and delivery. Both options offer catering and full menus, with the possibility of a full bar or game room depending on demographics. NYPD has seven stores, mostly in Central Florida, and one in Arkansas, reported The Orlando Sentinel. Full Story

맥도널드는 현재 미국에서 포장 커피를 판매할 계획은 없지만 캐나다에서는 몇몇 레스토랑을 대상으로 시행할 예정이다. .McDonald's has no current plans to sell bagged coffee in the U.S. The company will start selling packaged coffee in some of its restaurants in Canada next month, reported Reuters. Full Story

맥도널드는 1불 메뉴에 대한 새로운 마케팅 캠페인을 계획하고 있지만 Analyst와 가맹점들은 관련하여 부정적인 의견을 내놓고 있다. McDonald's is planning a new marketing campaign for its Dollar Menu while analysts and franchisees claim the company has created a "pair of velvet handcuffs" with the discounted items. A decade's worth of increases in commodity prices is cutting into margins, and while the Dollar Menu is routinely responsible for 10 to 14 percent of monthly sales it is conceptually tied to the $1 price point, reported Crain's Chicago Business. Full Story

외식업체들은 비록 IT 적용을 압도적인 수준으로 적용하지 않고 있지만, 소비자들의 관심은 증가하고 있다. Although restaurants are not yet incorporating technology into their operations in overwhelming numbers, consumers are increasingly interested in the use of technology when dining out, according to Technomic's "Market Intelligence Report: Consumer-Facing Technology" study. A majority of consumers expect to use technology to order food at restaurants more often within the next year, and only 3% anticipate using it less than they do now, signaling a clear path for restaurant operators who have yet to make use of emerging tech. In the early stages of foodservice tech usage, consumers are most interested in tableside touchscreen devices that allow them to self-order and pay, iPad/tablet menus and digital rewards tied to loyalty programs, reported Convenience Store News. Full Story

Panera Bread 는 미국 소비자가 꼽은 1위의 샌드위치 체인으로 선정되었다. Panera Bread is American consumers' sandwich chain of choice, according to a Market Force Information. The firm surveyed 7,600 consumers in August 2012, asking them to identify their favorite restaurant brands and rate their performances based on factors such as taste, service, cleanliness, atmosphere and overall value, according to a Nation's Restaurant News report.The top-rated sandwich chains indexed by unit count are: 1. Panera Bread (2.38%) 2. Jason's Deli (1.99%) 3. McAlister's Deli (1.10%) 4. Firehouse Subs (0.85%) 5. Quiznos (0.57%) 6. Jimmy John's (0.50%) 7. Arby's (0.33%) and 8. Subway (0.28%), reported Convenience Store News. Full Story

홍콩 레스토랑 수입은 작년 같은 기간 3 분기 대비 약 4.3% 증가한 30억불을 나타냈다. Hong Kong restaurant receipts rose 4.3% to $3.0 billion in the third quarter from the same period of last year, data from the Census and Statistics Department showed. The total receipts for the second quarter of this year were HK$22.14 billion, reported Reuters. Full Story

Retail News

도시 유입 인구의 증가 등으로 향후 5~8년 내에 상품정보를 가진 홀로그램과 줄어드는 상점, 사라지는 체크아웃을 예상할 수 있다. In the next five to eight years, consumers can expect disappearing checkouts, shrinking stores and holograms with product information, according to Kantar Retail and PwC Network's Retailing 2020 report. Many people will move closer to urban centers, where quick trips to stores, restaurants and services will be more convenient. They will also shop more often, and retailers will need to capitalize on impulse needs, reported Minneapolis Star Tribune. Full Story

약 4백만의 가입자를 확보하고 있는 Shopkick은 소비자가 집에서 구매를 함으로써 더 많은 보상을 얻을 수 있도록 어플리케이션을 개선하였다. Shopkick revamped its app so shoppers can score even more rewards by starting their shopping at home. The app, which currently has four million users and more than one billion reward kicks, allows users to identify a product to buy at a retailer and save it to a "look book" section within the app, getting points just for entering the store. The updated Shopkick app, released last week, is already driving up store traffic, reported USA Today. Full Story

허리케인 Sandy는 많은 지역과 사람들에 파괴적이었음에도 불구하고 미국 제조, 주요 소매 업체 또는 공급 체인 망에 상당한 영향은 없었다고 월스트리트 저널이 보도했다 Although devastating to many of the population in its path, Hurricane Sandy has not had a devastating impact on U.S. manufacturers, major retailers or their supply chains, reported The Wall Street Journal. The hard-hit New York metro area is not a huge center of manufacturing said the Journal, with Massachusetts Institute of Technology supply-chain expert, Gary Pisano, commenting he saw nothing "that moves the needle on the economy." That said, rail shippers expect three days of delays but Wal-Mart Stores Inc. did not expect the storm will affect its holiday stores although 900 stores and distribution facilities in 14 states incurred minor damage. Full Story (WSJ Subscription Required)

Acosta Sales & Marketing 사는 인수조건은 공개하지 않으면서 푸드서비스 브로커들인 Bay Brokerage 와 Encore Sales & Marketing 2개 사를 인수했다. Acosta Sales & Marketing acquired two more foodservice brokers: Bay Brokerage and Encore Sales & Marketing, extending the company's foodservice coverage to the West Coast. Terms of the acquisitions were not disclosed, reported Supermarket News. Full Story

Piggly Wiggly 사는 겨울 스타일 흑 맥주를 곧 출시할 예정이다. Piggly Wiggly will soon debut a winter-style bock beer with a touch of holiday spice brewed by the Thomas Creek Brewery, SC. Part of its seasonal store-brand lineup, the Seven Swines 'A Swigging beer replaces last year's holiday brew which blended noble and American hops with a touch of holiday spice to deliver a light crisp taste. The Bock beer, in contrast, is fuller-bodied, stated the beer and wine category manager for Piggly Wiggly. "It's a little bit darker and it's what people go for this time of year," said Long of his favorite craft style, reported Supermarket News. Full Story

홀세일 코스트코는 최소 일년 이상 된 점포에서 10월 판매가 예상보다 7% 더 상승했지만 11월 매출은 허리케인 샌디로 인해 창고 소매점의 폐쇄로 미미하게 영향받을 것이라고 밝혔다. Costco Wholesale posted a better-than-expected 7% rise in October sales at stores open at least a year, but stated November sales would be marginally affected by closures of its warehouse retail locations due to Hurricane Sandy. Many retailers on the East Coast have had to shut stores, evacuate, or have suffered from multi-day power outages, reported Reuters. Full Story

영국 소비자들의 지역 상점 소비 규모는 대형 슈퍼마켓의 규모와 유사한 것으로 나타났다. British shoppers expenditures in local stores is comparable to their spending at supermarkets, according to a new study of 22,000 shoppers released by PayPoint, which notes spends at local stores has risen by 15% over the last three years, reported Real Times. Full Story

Industry News

할로윈 사탕 판매는 지난 십 년 안의 어떤 시간보다 올해 더 높은 것으로 예상된다. Halloween candy sales are expected to be higher this year than any time in the past decade, according to the National Confectioners Association. The association estimates that consumers will spend $2.4 billion on candy for Halloween, the most popular holiday for candy sales. The group also expects overall candy sales for 2012 to reach $32 billion, up from $24.7 billion in 2007, reported Chicago Tribune. Full Story (Free Registration Required)

과일 주스, 단백질 음료의 캘리포니아 기반 브랜드인, Sambazon은 소비자 보고서 잡지 12월 발행에서 Sambazon의 에너지 음료는 라벨에 나타난 것보다 더 많은 카페인 함량을 가지고 있다는 진술에 대해 문제제기를 하고 있다. Sambazon, a California-based maker of fruit juices and protein drinks, claims it contests a report in the December issue of Consumer Reports magazine stating that Sambazon's energy drink had more caffeine than printed on its label. The study claimed Sambazon Organic Amazon Energy drink had 81 milligrams of caffeine per serving. The privately-held company stated the findings were wrong, adding that its drink actually contains 53 milligrams of caffeine per eight-ounce serving, reported Reuters. Full Story

Unilever는 식품 제품에 팜 오일의 사용을 줄였지만, 비 식품 제품에 기름을 더 사용하므로 전체적인 소비량은 최근 몇 년 동안 일정하게 나타났다. Unilever reduced the use of palm oil in its food products but is using more of the oil in its non-food products, so overall consumption has remained flat in recent years, according to a senior company executive. In addition, all of the palm oil the company uses will be "sustainable" by the end of this year, three years earlier than its targeted date, but more than 90% of the volume consumed will be considered sustainable based on the company's purchase of so-called GreenPalm certificates, according to a development director, reported Fox Business. Full Story

미국 상무부는 9월에도 소비자 지출 수준의 상승세가 두드러진다고 밝혔다. The U.S. Commerce Department reported that consumer spending rose solidly in September, putting the economy on firmer footing moving into the fourth quarter despite the fact that consumers pulled back on personal saving in order to fund their purchases, according to The Associated Press. In total, consumer spending increased by 0.8%, marking the largest jump since February following an unrevised 0.5% gain in August. The increase surpassed economists' expectations of a 0.6% increase. Increased gasoline prices reportedly elevated inflation pressures to some degree, but a core measure that strips food and energy costs increased 0.1% for the third month in a row, indicating that the overall rise in inflation will be a short-term increase, according to the report, reported Convenience Store News. Full Story

3분기의 캘로그 순 이익은 프링글스 칩의 인수로 인해 더 증가하게 나타났다. Kellogg's net income edged up in the third quarter, as the company benefited from its acquisition of Pringles chips, according to The Associated Press. The deal made Kellogg the world's second biggest salty snack food company, behind only PepsiCo's Frito-Lay. Since Pringles gets two-thirds of its revenue from overseas, Kellogg is also hoping the deal gives it inroads into the international markets where the ranks of people with more disposable income are growing. Full Story

호주 당국은 유기농 유아 식품 공급업체 Rafferty's Garden 의 H.J. Heinz 인수 건을 놓고 실사를 할 것으로 전했다. Australia's competition regulator will review a proposed takeover by H.J. Heinz of organic baby food supplier Rafferty's Garden. Rafferty's, owned by private equity firm Anacacia Capital, is reportedly the second-largest baby-food business in Australia with a 30% market share and sells through 2,000 stores and exports to 10 countries. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission plans to announce a decision on Dec. 6, reported Reuters. Full Story

회사가 빈민국 사람들을 지원하기 원하는 고객들을 유치하고자 노력함으로써 공정무역은 일본에서 뿌리를 내리고 있다. Fair Trade is taking root in Japan as companies try to attract customers who also want to support people in disadvantaged nations. Japan's fair trade market was valued at around $10 million in 2008, up from $9 million in 2007, according to the Institute of International Trade and Investment. Although fair trade is gaining momentum in Japan, the nation accounts for only 1.7% of global fair trade, which was valued at $5.3 billion, reported The Japan Times. Full Story

독일의 소매 매출은 9월 1.5% 상승한 반면 식품, 음료, 담배 매출은 3.4% 하락했다. While Germany's retail sales grew 1.5% in September, German food, beverage and tobacco sales were down 3.4%, reported RTT News. Full Story

허리케인 샌디의 강한 바람과 비로 광범위한 농작물 피해 후 아이티에서 식량 부족의 두려움이 증가하고 있다. Fears are growing of food shortages in Haiti, after the strong winds and heavy rain of Hurricane Sandy caused extensive crop damage. More than 70% of crops, including bananas, plantains and maize, were destroyed in the south of the country, according to officials, reported BBC News. Full Story

Health News

미국 연구에 따르면, 트랜스 지방은 나쁜 콜레스테롤 수치를 올리지만, 혈당수치에 대해 지속적인 영향에 미치지는 않는다고 로이터 통신이 보도했다. Although trans fats raise levels of "bad" cholesterol, they do not appear to have a lasting effect on blood sugar levels, according to a U.S. study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, reported Reuters. Full Story

포화 지방으로 구성된 정크 푸드 식사는 동맥건강에 해로우며 반면에 지중해 식사는 단일 불포화 지방산과 같은 유익한 지방으로 어떠한 해로운 것을 발생시키지 않는다. A single junk food meal composed mainly of saturated fat is detrimental to the health of the arteries, while no damage occurs after consuming a Mediterranean meal rich in good fats such as mono-and polyunsaturated fatty acids, according to researchers at the University of Montreal-affiliated EPIC Center of the Montreal Heart Institute. The Mediterranean meal may even have a positive effect on the arteries, reported Science Daily. Full Story

일주일에 한 두번 기름기가 많은 생선을 먹는 것은 뇌졸증 예방에 도움을 줄 수 있지만, 어유보충제 (Fish Oil Supplements)는 같은 효과는 아니라고 주장한다. Eating fish, particularly oily fish, a couple of times a week may help protect against stroke, but fish oil supplements do not have the same effect, claims a study published in the BMJ. After adjusting for several risk factors, the researchers concluded that people who ate two to four servings of oily fish per week had a 6% lower risk of stroke or mini-stroke than those who ate one or less servings per week. People who ate five or more servings per week had a 12% lower risk, reported HealthDay. Full Story

Washington News

적어도 25 년 만에 가장 심각하고 광범위한 가뭄으로 작물 및 가축 분야 및 소매가를 올리는 잠재성을 포함하여 미국 농업에 심각하게 영향을 미치고 있다. ERS released its U.S. Drought 2012: Farm and Food Impacts report. The most severe and extensive drought in at least 25 years is seriously affecting U.S. agriculture, with impacts on the crop and livestock sectors and with the potential to affect food prices at the retail level. ERS plans to update the material periodically as information becomes available. ERS's Aug. 28 farm income forecast is based on the August WASDE report and will be updated in November. Full Story

미국동식물검역소(APHIS)는 수입된 야채와 채소의 식물위생 처리로서 방사능 사용에 대한 규정과 관련된 정보 수집에 대한 승인 연장을 요구하고 있다. APHIS is requesting an extension of approval for an information collection associated with regulations for the use of irradiation as a phytosanitary treatment of imported fruits and vegetables. The regulations concerning irradiation treatment involve the collection of information, including a compliance agreement, 24-hour notification, labeling, dosimetry recordings, requests for dosimetry device approval, requests for facility approval, trust fund agreement, and annual work plan, as well as recordkeeping. APHIS will accept comments on the collection until Dec. 31. Full Notice

FDA는 소매 단계에서 식품 매개 질병 위험 요인들의 발생의 동향을 측정 하는 국가 소매 식품 팀의 10 년 설문 조사에 대한 검토와 승인을 위해 예산 관리국에 정보 수집 요구 사항을 제출했다. FDA submitted an information collection requirement to OMB for review and clearance regarding the National Retail Food Team's 10-year voluntary survey to measure trends in the occurrence of foodborne illness risk factors at the retail level. The survey included data collection inspections of various types of retail and foodservice establishments at five-year intervals to observe and document trends in the occurrence of foodborne illness risk factors, and will conduct a new voluntary survey encompassing annual data collections over a 10-year period. Comments on the proposed study will be accepted until Nov. 28. Full Notice

그린 마운틴 커피 로스터 투자자들은 크리그(Keurig)와 케이-컵(K-Cup)의 수요에 대해 오해하게 한다고 주장함으로써 회사를 상대로 증권 집단 소송을 제기했다. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Investors filed a consolidated securities lawsuit against the company, claiming it mislead them about the demand for Keurig and K-Cup products. "[C]ontrary to defendants' statements that they were barely able to ship orders as they came in, Green Mountain Coffee Roaster's warehouses were overflowing with unused and expiring coffee products that were not being sold to consumers," the complaint, filed in federal court in Burlington, VT, stated, reported Bloomberg.com. Full Story

미국 당국은 브라질 오렌지 주스 가공업자들이 관세 회피를 위해 캐나다에 주스를 판매하고 미국으로 역수입하는 것과 관련한 플로리다 오렌지 주스 수입의 연방관세를 회피하는 혐의를 제기한 플로리다 감귤 재배업자들의 신고내용을 조사 중이다. U.S. officials are investigating a complaint from a Florida citrus growers' trade group alleging Brazilian orange juice processors are circumventing the federal tariff on OJ imports by shipping juice to Canada for re-importation to the U.S. Under the North American Free Trade Agreement, most Canadian and Mexican goods come into the U.S. duty-free, reported The Lakeland Ledger. Full Story

Market News

설탕 원료 선물 시세는 투자자들이 감미료의 글로벌 잉여를 인식함으로써 5주째 하감했다. Raw-sugar futures slipped to a five-week settlement low in thin trade as investors recognized a global surplus of the sweetener."There's an overpowering sentiment out there that there's sugar, there's a lot of it and it's moving," stated a senior broker at R.J. O'Brien Futures in Chicago. Raw sugar for March delivery on the ICE Futures U.S. exchange settled 0.18 cent, or 0.9%, lower at 19.35 cents/lb., a low since Sept. 20. "The fundamentals are pretty bearish," according to a broker at ICAP Futures in Sao Paulo, reported The Wall Street Journal. Full Story (WSJ Subscription Required)

모든 주요 미국 주식과 옵션 거래는 동부 해안에 허리케인 샌디로 인해 10월 29일 장을 개장하지 못했다. All major U.S. stock and options exchanges will remain closed Oct. 29 as Hurricane Sandy approaches landfall on the East Coast. There were plans to allow electronic trading to go forward on the New York Stock Exchange, but mass transit shutdowns and storm risks were determined to be too great. The Nasdaq and the CME Group in Chicago will also close, according to The Associated Press, reported ABC News. Full Story

식품산업은 허리케인 Sandy로 인한 큰 교통 혼란에 당면하고 있다. The food industry is dealing with the disruptions in transportation Hurricane Sandy has caused. Ken Gilliland, director of international trade and transportation for Western Growers, told his organization on Oct. 30 that the storm has already "tightened supply conditions and elevated rates." Mr. Gilliland added that Western's transportation team is geared up to deal with "challenging conditions for at least the next 7-10 days." According to Western Growers, these conditions include closed roads, delays at receivers due to power outages, slowdown in loading capacity and higher rates due to limited available capacity. "You can potentially expect a ripple effect similar to conditions in a holiday market where pricing and capacity can be affected for up to two weeks after the event," stated Mr. Gilliland, reported Fruit Growers News. Full Story

2012년 포도수확량이 저조하여 전세계적으로 와인 부족이 예견되고 있다. A poor grape harvest in 2012 is predicted to lead to a shortage of wine across the world. The International Organisation for Vine and Wine claims global wine production will fall to its lowest level since records began in 1975. Hardest hit are wine-makers in Argentina, where output will fall 24%, and in the world's two largest wine producers, Italy and France, reported BBC News. Full Story

기후 변화로 인해 바나나 등 과일류가 매우 중요한 식량자원이 될 수 있다는 CGIAR 연구소의 발표가 있었다. Climate change could lead to crops from the banana family becoming a critical food source for millions of people, a new report claims. Researchers from the CGIAR agricultural partnership claim the fruit might replace potatoes in some developing countries. Cassava and the little-known cowpea plant could be much more important food crops as temperatures rise, reported BBC News. Full Story

FSA는 농부 및 목장주를 대상으로 허리케인 Sandy로 인한 모든 손실액에 대해 준비 및 정리가 필요하다고 촉구했다. FSA urged farmers and ranchers affected by Hurricane Sandy to keep thorough records of all losses, including livestock death losses, as well as expenses for such things as feed purchases and extraordinary costs because of lost supplies and or increased transportation costs. FSA recommends that owners and producers record all pertinent information of natural disaster consequences, including: Documentation of the number and kind of livestock that have died, supplemented if possible by photographs or video records of ownership and losses; Dates of death supported by birth recordings or purchase receipts; Costs of transporting livestock to safer grounds or to move animals to new pastures; Feed purchases if supplies or grazing pastures are destroyed; Crop records, including seed and fertilizer purchases, planting and production records; Pictures of on-farm storage facilities that were destroyed by wind or flood waters; and Evidence of damaged farm land. Full Story

태풍 Sandy로 인한 정전 등으로 인해 유통기업 및 외식업체들의 주문 및 구매가 불가능해져 동부 수산물 거래에 치명적인 타격을 안겼다. The superstorm Sandy has been devastating to Maine's seafood industry, according to The Associated Press. Distributors and restaurants in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are not buying seafood, according to the owner of New Meadows Lobster in Portland. Orders are being lost because customers do not have electricity, reported The Portland Press Herald. Many restaurants do not have power and those that do are not buying seafood because there is little demand, according to the senior sales executive with North Atlantic Seafood in Portland. While fishermen and distributors are suffering, the good news is that consumers will see lower prices. Full Story

EU의 밀 가격은 11월 2일 기준으로 상승하였다. EU wheat prices rose on Nov. 2, supported by tight supplies and good export demand that will be further helped by a fall of the euro, according to traders. Traders and analysts remained concerned that global wheat stocks were extremely tight, with cuts to Russian supply while U.S. and Australian wheat conditions suffered, reported Reuters. Full Story

신선 콩나물 산업에 대한 주요 concern으로 인해 식품안전을 집중적으로 관리하는 신규 협회의 설립이 힘을 받고 있다. Concerns among some in the fresh sprout industry has spurred the creation of a new trade association focusing on food safety. A founder's meeting of the Sprout Alliance for Safety and Science (SASS) is scheduled for Nov. 7. The agenda includes a review and adoption of standards, stated the co-owner of California Sprouts and one of the organizers of the new group. Other founding members of SASS include Hanover Foods and Pearson Foods, reported The Packer Online. Full Story

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