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Compass Group과 US Foods사는 식품 서비스 GS1 Standards의 영양정보가 어떻게 영양사에게 도움을 줄 수 있을지 논의한다. Deanne Brandstetter of the Compass Group and Jason Gunn of US Foods discuss how nutritional information in Foodservice GS1 US Standards will improve efforts of nutritionists and dieticians in schools, hospitals, senior living, and other institutional settings, in the latest issue of the IFDA/IFMA GS1 e-newsletter. Full Story

Operator News

맥도널드는 미국 고객을 유치할 만한 새로운 메뉴 아이템을 충분히 소개하지 못함으로 9년 만에 처음으로 월간 글로벌 동일 매장 매출액 감소를 보였다. McDonald's, which earlier this month reported its first monthly global same-store sales decline in nine years, has not introduced enough new menu items to keep U.S. customers excited, reported Bloomberg.com. While the company turned its sights on Starbucks in recent years in a bid to bring in new customers with McCafe beverages, Burger King began luring business away from McDonald's with more family-friendly foods, traditionally McDonald's strong point. To set about reversing the slide, the chain will push value menu items in advertising to boost sales. Full Story

일본 항공사는 12월 1일부터 2월 28월 국제선 운항에 나리타에서 보스톤, 시카고, 프랑크프루트, 런던 등의 항공운항에서 프리미엄 이코노미석과 일반 이코노미석에 KFC식사를 제공하고 있다. Japan Airlines is serving food from KFC on international flights from Dec. 1 to Feb. 28 to fliers in premium economy and economy from Narita Airport near Tokyo to Boston, Chicago, Frankfurt, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris and San Diego. The meals will consist of a drumstick and chicken breast in KFC's Original Recipe, as well as flatbread, coleslaw and lettuce in a specially made box featuring an image of Colonel Sanders. The airline notes KFC is "widely popular" in Japan, particularly during the Christmas season, reported The Associated Press. Full Story

4분기 Yum Brands의 중국 동일 점포 연간 매출 4% 하락은 중국 내에 맥도널드, 서브웨이, 스타벅스 등과 같은 패스트 푸드 옵션의 범위가 확대되어가고 있음을 보여준다. Yum Brands' 4% year-on-year decline in China same-store sales in the fourth quarter demonstrates the growing range of fast food options in the country, according to The Wall Street Journal. The decline is a turnaround from 6% growth in the third quarter, and a sharp decline from 21% in the same period last year. While Yum has been aggressive in opening new stores, with 4,493 outlets at the end of 2011 compared with 3,453 in 2009, its competitors McDonald's and Subway added to their restaurant count and Starbucks now has 700 stores in China. Full Story (WSJ Subscription Required)

Archer Daniels Midland은 호주달러 28억 달러가치로 세계 두 번째 큰 밀 수출업자로 3.8%까지 호주의 GrainCorp에 대해 공개매입을 증가했다. Archer Daniels Midland increased its takeover bid for Australia's GrainCorp by 3.8%, now valuing the world's second-largest wheat exporter at about Australian $2.8 billion. Archer is now offering GrainCorp shareholders A$12.20 a share in cash, up from its October offer of A$11.75. Last month, GrainCorp rejected Archer's offer and claimed it "materially undervalued" its business as it reported its third-consecutive year of record profit, up 19% for the fiscal year ended September, reported The Wall Street Journal. Full Story (WSJ Subscription Required)

Smashburger는 라틴 아메리카로 확대, 코스타리카의 수도에 첫 지점을 오픈한다. Smashburger expanded to Latin America, opening its first restaurant in the capital city of Costa Rica. The Costa Rica restaurant will offer such local menu variations as chorizo, grilled Turrialba cheese, refried black beans and fried potato sticks on burgers, as well as a side dish of Pejibaye Frites -- flash-fried peach palm fruit. Additional locations are also anticipated in Central and South America and the Caribbean, reported Denver Business Journal. Full Story

스타벅스는 커피만큼 티와 음료에 의존하는 성장전략으로써 20% 이상 증가시키는 향후 5년 안에 미국에 3000개 이상의 신규 매장을 오픈 할 예정이다. Starbucks plans to open more than 3,000 new shops in the Americas in the next five years, an increase of more than 20% as it pushes a growth strategy that relies on tea and juice as much as coffee. The company is done with acquisitions for the time being, after a spate of deals that added juice seller Evolution Fresh and Bay Bread's La Boulange Bakery for $30 million and $100 million, respectively. Starbucks also expects to have Evolution fresh juices in more than 5,000 U.S. stores by the end of 2013, reported Reuters. Full Story

Yum Brands의 일환인, 캐나다의 피자헛은 다양한 맛을 지닌 신선한 도우를 출시하려 한다. Pizza Hut in Canada, a unit of Yum Brands, is launching a "fresh dough with a bit of spice" perfume, according to reports. The perfume will be initially sent in a little bottle to 100 Canadians as a reward to fans of the cheesy food, reported MarketWatch. Full Story (WSJ subscription required)

Retail News

Cerberus Capital Management의 Supervalu인수는 사모펀드 회사가 금융기관 차입부 기업매수(LBO) 자금 획득하는데 있어 어려움을 겪었기 때문에 중단했다. Cerberus Capital Management's pursuit of Supervalu stalled because the private-equity firm has had trouble obtaining the funds for a leveraged buyout, claimed people familiar with the matter. Potential lenders are balking because they are concerned over how the chain will manage the increased debt load as revenue shrinks. Without a sale to Cerberus, Supervalu risks having to restructure its grocery chains on its own or sell individual assets, claimed the sources, reported Chicago Tribune. Full Story (Free Registration Required)

Ahold USA 대표에 의하면, 만약 인수가 가능하게 될 때 Ahold는 적극적으로 대응할 준비가 되어있다고 전했다. Meanwhile, Ahold is "poised to react" if and when acquisitions become available, according to the president of Ahold USA. Ahold has studied its competition to be prepared for the possibility it could obtain stores in the event that Supervalu's strategic review results in Acme or Shaw's stores coming to market, reported Supermarket News. Full Story

Tops Markets 은 내년 초 고급 컨셉의 매장을 오픈 할 계획이고, 만약 성공적이라면 그 지방의 가장 큰 슈퍼마켓 체인으로서 신선식품 중심의 모델을 제시할 수 있다. Tops Markets plans to open an upscale supermarket concept early next year and, if successful, the store could be a template for a fresh expansion tract for the region's largest supermarket chain. Orchard Fresh will open in Buffalo, NY and be a smaller store with a focus on specialty food products, according to the President and CEO, reported Buffalo Business First. Full Story (Subscription Required)

패밀리 달러 스토어는 해외 구매제품의 품질향상과 비용절감에 따라 글로벌 소싱에 초점을 두는 전략을 강화하고 있다. Family Dollar Stores sharpened its focus on global sourcing as it works to reduce its costs and improve the quality of goods it buys overseas. Roughly a third of the discount retailer's $10 billion-plus in annual purchases of merchandise are imported. The bulk of Family Dollar's international purchases are handled by an agent, who acts as a middle man for the retailer with international suppliers. The company wants to increase the proportion of goods purchased directly from the factory to 13% within two years, up from the current 4%, reported Charlotte Business Journal. Full Story

월마트와 이베이는 크리스마스 시즌 온라인 판매에서 경쟁 우위를 얻기 위해 온라인 주문 당일 배송을 제공하고 있다. Companies including Walmart and eBay are offering same-day delivery of online orders to gain a competitive edge in online sales this holiday season. Walmart began offering same-day delivery in October, and contracts with third parties such as the United Parcel Service to get access to couriers and grocery delivery employees in cities such as Philadelphia, Minneapolis and San Francisco. EBay launched a trial of the service, eBay Now, in August and rolled it out to New York in November, with plans for other cities in the works, reported Wall Street Journal. Full Story (WSJ subscription required)

미국 온라인 그로서리 스토어의 대표 브랜드인 피포드(Peapod) 는 소비자가 현재 소유 또는 고려하고 있는 제품과 브랜드에 근거하는 광고를 광고주가 시행하도록 가능하게 하는 OwnerIQ 의 Branded Audience Networks 에 가입했다. Online grocer Peapod, a division of Ahold USA, joined the Branded Audience Networks of OwnerIQ, which enables advertisers to target advertising based on the products and brands that consumers either currently own or are considering. The Branded Audience Networks will use the browsing behavior of Peapod customers in 22 markets nationwide as the basis for ad-targeting opportunities across the web, reported Supermarket News. Full Story

영국 최대 소매의 유통업체 Tesco는 전반적 시장의 성장이 더딘 이유와 함께 지난 분기에 걸쳐 영국 시장에서 식료품 시장 점유율이 감소하였다. Tesco, Britain's biggest retailer, lost year-on-year grocery market share in its home market over the last quarter as its sales growth lagged that of the overall market, industry data showed. Tesco's grocery market share edged down to 30.7% in the 12 weeks to Nov. 25, having been 31.0% in the 12 weeks to Nov. 27 last year, according to Kantar Worldpanel. Tesco is battling to regain momentum against a weak economic backdrop, with consumers fretting over job security and a squeeze on disposable incomes, reported Reuters. Full Story

테스코는 미국 사업에서 “전략적 검토”를 시작하고 있으며, 조심스럽게 미국시장에서의 철수가 예상되고 있다. Tesco is launching a "strategic review" of its U.S. business, and it is "likely, though not certain" that the retailer will leave the U.S. altogether, according to the company's CEO. Tesco's deputy chief executive and Fresh and Easy head Tim Mason will also leave the company. The Fresh and Easy business is estimated to have cost Tesco nearly £1 billion in investment and accumulated losses, and lost £74m in the most recent six months, reported The Guardian. Full Story

인도 정부는 국가에서 외국 매장을 운영하는 것을 허용하도록 표결됐다. India's government won a vote allowing foreign supermarkets to operate in the country. The vote now clears the way for voting on bills aimed at attracting foreign investment to the ailing pension and insurance industries, two measures seen by financial markets as important steps towards further liberalizing an economy in the midst of a slowdown, reported Reuters. Full Story

편의점 트래픽(흐름)은 슈퍼마켓과 같은 경쟁사 채널의 경쟁 심화와 높은 유류비용으로 인해 3분기 2.1% 하락했다. Convenience-store traffic fell in the third quarter amid higher gas prices and pressure from competitive channels such as supermarkets, according to The NPD Group. Total consumer traffic through c-stores was down 2.1% in the third quarter, compared with a year ago. The traffic decline was driven by lower purchase frequency (5.9 visits per 30 days), but was also influenced by a slight decline in the overall consumer reach of the channel, reported Supermarket News. Full Story

Industry News

2008년도 기록 수준에 가깝지만 글로벌 식품 가격이 안정적으로 유지되고 있다. Global food prices remained stable, though close to 2008 record levels, the World Bank stated, as it warned that a "new norm" of costlier food was setting in and threatening to increase hunger and malnutrition in the world's poorer regions. In an update of its quarterly "Food Price Watch" report, the World Bank stated the absence of "panic policies," such as food export restrictions, had helped stabilize commodity prices since price spikes in July, reported Reuters. Full Story

Procter & Gamble은 싱가포르에 P&G 물 정화 기술을 도입한 워터 공장을 오픈 했다. Procter & Gamble opened its P&G Purifier of Water plant in Singapore, which will allow the company to produce its water purification technology. Located in Tuas, the new plant is designed to maximize limited space with vertical design and increase productivity by 67%. More than 200 million sachets are expected to be produced a year in Singapore by 2020, reported Business Courier. Full Story

코카콜라는 향후 5년에 걸쳐 칠레에 13억 달러를 투자할 계획이다. Coca-Cola plans to invest $1.3 billion in Chile over the next five years. The beverage company along with regional bottler Coca Cola Andina have already set up $200 million as part of the investment strategy. The company also plans to use a significant portion of its investments to extend its sustainability initiatives in the region. Other key areas the company will focus the investments on will be purchasing equipment and marketing expenses. The new facility will focus primarily on the production of carbonated soda drinks, reported Nasdaq. Full Story

미국에서 다시 Heineken NV 성장을 얻기 위해서 Dolf van den Brink는 미국인들이 하이네켄 대신 마시는 일부 수입맥주들의 규제를 얻어냈다. To get Heineken NV growing in the U.S. again, Dolf van den Brink gained control of some of the imported beers Americans were drinking instead of Heineken. Since becoming the third head of the Dutch brewer's U.S. business in two years, Van den Brink has found a path to growth with imported Mexican brands including Sol and Tecate to meet changing American demographics and tastes for beer. He is now focusing on reviving the company's namesake brew with new bottles, increasing advertising behind the Heineken brand and tripling the sales force to get consumers excited about James Bond's beer again, reported Bloomberg Businessweek. Full Story

발효 사과술은 맥주 카테고리의 0.3% 점유율을 나타냄에도 불구하고 국가적 유통 확보,젊은 세대들의 선호, 지속적인 개발로 인해 높은 성장이 예상된다. Hard cider is poised for great growth due to national distribution, attractive demographic appeal and constant innovation, despite only representing a 0.3% share of the beer category, according to a Nielsen report. In 2012, cider sales have grown 65% vs. 2011, with 1.8 million cases sold. In addition, the emerging category added 54 items this year, Nielsen noted. As for why cider is selling so well, Nielsen hypothesized it is because cider draws the interest of the young Millennial demographic, traditionally a beer consumer who has switched allegiance to spirits in recent years, reported Convenience Store News. Full Story

Milwaukee Brewing Co 는 Walker's Point에 양조 공정에 사용되는 예열 물 시스템에 결합되는 28개 태양 전지판을 가진 태양열 온수 시스템을 설치할 것이다. Milwaukee Brewing Co. will install a solar hot water system at its brewery in Walker's Point, with 28 solar panels combined with a system to preheat water used in the brewing process. The project was funded in part with grants from the state Focus on Energy program as well as the ME2 Milwaukee Energy Efficiency program and Milwaukee Shines, reported Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Full Story (Free Registration Required)

UN 에이전시에 따르면 기초 식품의 가격은 지난 달 약 1.5% 하락하였으며, 이는 전세계적인 동향과도 유사하나 데이리식품은 급격히 하락하였다. A UN agency states prices of basic foods fell by 1.5% last month, with the international prices of all commodities except dairy products dropping. The Rome-based Food and Agriculture Organization stated that the decline puts the value of its November index nearly 3% below a year ago. It stated sugar prices underwent the sharpest drop, followed by oils and cereals, reported The Washington Post. Full Story

Health News

버지니아 공대 식품 과학 연구자들은 우유와 오메가3 전달체계의 연결 가능성을 제시해왔는데, 이를 통해 충분한 생선기름을 우유 및 유지방 음료제품의 첨가하여 심장의 건강과 맛이나 냄새를 파괴하는 것 없고, 제품 수명 제한이 없게 하는 것이 가능하다고 밝혔다. Food science researchers at Virginia Tech may have reeled milk into the omega-3 delivery system, showing it is possible to incorporate fish oil into milk and dairy-based beverages in amounts sufficient to promote heart health, without destroying the product's taste or smell, or limiting its lifespan, according to a study published in Journal of Dairy Science, reported Science Daily. Full Story

영양 전문가에 의하면 사과와 같이 특별히 밝게 물든 가을 농작물인 과일 또는 야채가 암을 이기는데 도움이 된다고 전한다. There are many good cancer fighting fruits and vegetables, particularly brightly colored fall harvests, according to a nutritional expert. Apples help to prevent throat, mouth, lung and possibly breast cancer, noted Stacy Kennedy, a senior nutritionist at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. It is best to eat them raw, with the skin on. And cranberries may inhibit lung and colon cancer, and some forms of leukemia. Kale is another top cancer fighting choice, reported Health Day. Full Story

Washington News

국제항만과 창고조합에서 일하는 약 800명의 사무종사자들의 파업은 캘리포니아의 LA와 롱 비치의 항구의 가장 바쁜 해운 복합센터를 빠르게 폐쇄하게 하였다. About 800 striking clerical workers in the International Longshore and Warehouse Union has effectively shut down the nation's busiest shipping complex at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in California. The strike, which is costing an estimated $1 billion a day, started at the L.A. port's largest terminal Nov. 27 and spread to 10 of the two ports' 14 cargo terminals. "Retailers will have stock outages, lost sales for products not delivered. There will be shutdowns in factories, in manufacturing when they run out of parts," stated an economist with infrastructure consulting firm CDM Smith, reported The Los Angeles Times. Full Story (Free Registration Required)

국제무역위원회는 멕시코산 신선한 토마토에 관해 지연되는 조사를 종료 또는 계속해야 하는 지를 결정하기 위한 검토를 시작하고 있다. The International Trade Commission is instituting a review to determine whether termination of the suspended investigation on fresh tomatoes from Mexico would be likely to lead to continuation or recurrence of material injury. The Commission will assess the adequacy of interested party responses to the notice of institution to determine whether to conduct a full review or an expedited review, and interested parties are requested to respond to the notice, and to be assured of consideration the deadline for responses is Jan. 2. Full Notice

FDA는 연기된 식품 안전 규칙과 관련한 소송에 대한 기각 방안을 찾고 있다. The FDA is seeking dismissal of lawsuit over delayed food safety rules. The agency stated that though it was behind schedule in modernizing food safety regulations as set out in a law signed in January 2011, its broad role in regulating a $450 billion domestic and imported food business requires additional time. "The enormity and scope of the task given to FDA cannot be overstated," the FDA stated a motion filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. The motion comes in response to a lawsuit filed in August by the Center for Food Safety and the Center for Environmental Health, both non-profit public interest advocacy groups, reported Reuters. Full Story

FDA는 국제 젤리 보존 협회가 제출한 시민 탄원에 대한 대응으로 인공 감미 젤리와 보존식품 젤리에 대한 기준을 폐지하는 것을 제안하고 있다. FDA is proposing to revoke the standards of identity for artificially sweetened jelly, preserves and jams, primarily in response to a citizen petition submitted by the International Jelly and Preserve Association. FDA stated it is taking this action because the agency tentatively concluded that the standards are obsolete and unnecessary in light of regulations for foods named by use of a nutrient content claim and a standardized term. FDA found nutrient content claims such as "low calorie" or "reduced sugar" better characterize the nutritional profile of the affected fruit spreads than does the regulated term "artificially sweetened." Full Notice

Market News

농업은 미시간 산업의 “떠오르는 별”이고 이 지역 경제를 움직이는 중요한 엔진이다. Agriculture is the "shining star" of Michigan's industries and a key engine in driving the state's economy, according to Gov. Rick Snyder. During the Michigan Farm Bureau's annual meeting, he encouraged farmers to not be conservative when approaching the five-year goals laid out in 2011. The goals were to increase economic impact of the industry by $100 billion, double exports, increase jobs by 10%, increase access to healthy food by 20%, get 5,000 Michigan farms verified in the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program, reported MLive. Full Story

최초로 과학자들은 나무의 나이테로 나이를 계산하는 것처럼 랍스터의 나이를 어떻게 알 수 있는지를 알아내었다. For the first time, scientists have figured out how to determine the age of a lobster, by counting its rings like a tree, according to The Associated Press. Nobody knows how old lobsters can live to be; some people estimate they live to more than 100. But knowing, rather than simply guessing, their age and that of other shellfish could help scientists better understand the population and assist regulators of the lucrative industry, stated a research associate at the University of New Brunswick. Before now, scientists deduced a lobster's age judging by size and other variables. But it's now known that lobsters and other crustaceans, such as crabs and shrimp, grow one ring per year in hidden-away internal spots, reported Bloomberg Businessweek. Full Story

P>지난 10년 동안, 새로운 캘리포니아 올리브 재배자들과 올리브 오일 생산자들은 초 고밀도의 격자 무늬판으로 재배해왔고, 손 노동에서 기계노동으로 전환해왔다. In the last 10 years, new California olive growers and olive oil producers have been planting olives in super high-density grids and switching from hand labor to mechanized labor. An olive harvester can take the olives from a whole acre of trees in an hour, and it takes far fewer people to do the job, reported The Sacramento Bee. Full Story (Free Registration Required)

인도의 커피 수출은 거의 8개월 동안 부진한 후 새로운 생두 공급인 1월부터 픽업하기 쉽다. India's coffee exports are likely to pick up from January upon the arrival of new crop supplies after remaining sluggish for nearly eight months. Exports faltered this year as a small domestic crop pushed up local prices above global levels. Indian arabica prices were 2% to 3% higher than global prices until a month ago, while robusta prices were 8% to 10% more, according to industry executives. Current local prices of arabica have fallen to almost on par with global prices on expectation of a better crop, reported The Wall Street Journal. Full Story (WSJ Subscription Required)

쥐에게 종양을 일으키는 유전자변형 옥수수를 제시하는 연구의 발행인은 논문을 철회하기 위한 과학자로부터 압력을 받고 있고 왜 출판되었는지에 대해 설명을 하고 있다. The publisher of the study suggesting genetically modified corn caused tumors in rats has come under heavy pressure from scientists to retract the paper and explain why it was ever printed. The calls follow a report by Europe's food safety watchdog this week dismissing the study's findings. Reed Elsevier, which published the study in its Food and Chemical Toxicology journal in September, stated on Friday it was considering the criticisms and would let readers know if it concluded it needed to change the way it checked research, reported Reuters. Full Story

유기농 식품 생산자들이 잔류농약에 대한 정기검사를 하지 않는 것을 모니터링하는 기관을 발견한 미국 농무부 (USDA)는 유기농 식품의 5%에 해당 테스트를 요구하는 새로운 규칙을 이끌어 냈다. A USDA audit that found agencies monitoring organic food producers were not conducting periodic testing for pesticide residues has led to new rules requiring such tests on 5% of organic foods, the Agriculture Department announced. In a Federal Register notice, USDA stated agencies that certify organic producers must begin testing for residues on at least 5% of organic farms next year. The tests, estimated to cost $500 each, would be paid for by the certifying organizations, not their clients, reported Western Farm Press. Full Story

과일은 채소보다 더 나은 수확으로, 3분기에 더 낮은 평균 소매가는 신선한 생산물에 대한 영업 이득을 낮췄다. With fruits performing better than vegetables, lower average retail prices in the third quarter held back sales gains for fresh produce, according to United FreshFacts on Retail. For the quarter ending Sept. 29, the report showed total produce sales were 1.7% higher than the third quarter of 2011, reflecting prices that were 0.7% lower and volume running 2.4% higher, reported The Packer Online. Full Story

거의 30년만의 기상 악조건으로 미국 겨울 밀 농작은 다시 또 고비를 맞고 있다. The U.S. winter wheat crop, already facing the worst conditions in nearly three decades, is being hit yet again. Still suffering through one of the worst droughts in history, wheat farmers are also having to deal with the warmest conditions ever for early winter in the High Plains. In Kansas, the top U.S. wheat producing state, 2012 ranks as the warmest on record. The unseasonable warmth is causing young wheat plants to try to grow at a time when they normally would be entering dormancy for the winter, reported Reuters. Full Story

따뜻해져 가는 기후가 브로콜리와 컬리플라워의 양을 급등시키고 시장에서 지속적인 침체를 가져왔지만 화주들은 크리스마스 수요와 추후 기온하락으로 변화시킬 수 있다고 주장한다. Warm growing weather has brought on a surge of broccoli and cauliflower volumes and a corresponding slump in markets, but shippers claim that could change quickly with cooler weather and holiday demand. Broccoli and cauliflower crops were running a week to two weeks ahead of schedule in early December due to abnormally warm growing weather, stated the chief executive officer of Church Bros. Cauliflower supplies will likely be 175% of normal, stated a salesman for the company, reported The Packer Online. Full Story

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