IFDA News Update 12월 3째주
관리자 2013.02.04

※ IFDA Korea에 가입하시면 더 많은 최신 업데이트를 구독하실 수 있습니다.


R-O-M Corporation은 제휴회원으로서 IFDA에 가입했다. R-O-M Corporation has joined IFDA as an Allied Member. R-O-M Corporation, founded in 1947, is headquartered in a 65,000 sq. ft. facility in suburban Kansas City, MO and manufactures products that improve worker productivity and reduce workplace accidents associated with slips, trips, falls, and muscle strains. The company specializes in engineering, manufacturing, and distributing custom products such as Insulated Bulkheads, Safety Walkramps, LinksGuard Security Closures, Roll-Up Doors, Cargo Trays, and LED Lighting. For more information about R-O-M Corporation, click here.

Technomic이 발간한 영업인력(DSRs) 2012 업데이트 보고서를 통해 영업인력현황의 trend를 알 수 있으며, IFDA 회원 사에게만 공유된다. A new IFDA members-only report titled 2012 Update on DSRs provides a snapshot of the current DSR workforce based on findings from the Technomic distributor management panel. This thought-provoking report shares the most recent data on DSR dynamics, as well as comparative findings from previous years. Subjects addressed include management perspectives on headcount, age and experience, performance, recruitment and retention, compensation, benefits, metrics, training, and more. For more information on the study and instructions for requesting a complimentary PDF copy of the report, click here.

레스토랑, 소매, 헬스케어, 편의점을 운영하는 유통업체 Cheney Brothers가 IFDA에 가입했다. IFDA is pleased to announce that Cheney Brothers, Inc., a broadline distributor serving restaurants, retail, healthcare, and convenience stores, has joined the association. Founded in 1925, Cheney Brothers has grown from a distributor of milk and eggs into one of the largest foodservice distributors in the Southeast. The company serves customers in six states including AL, FL, GA, NC, SC, and TN, carries more than 15,000 items, and has yearly revenues exceeding one billion dollars. Headquartered in Riviera Beach, FL, the company also has an international division with distribution to the Caribbean, Central and South America, the Middle East, and Europe.

2013년 유통 솔루션 컨퍼런스에 대한 세션 토픽 아이디어를 제안하는 사이트가 운영 중이다. The site to submit session topic ideas for the 2013 Distribution Solutions Conference is now online. The DSC Planning Council meets in late January to select workshop and Expo theatre session topics to develop and they welcome ideas from past and future attendees and exhibitors. Please click here to access the session proposal site. The deadline to submit ideas is Wednesday, January 9. For more information, contact Toni Salmi.

Distributor News

US Foods 사는 약 2년이 소요된 프로젝트인 Memphis 유통센터의 확장 오픈을 마무리했다. US Foods celebrated the opening of its expanded Memphis distribution facility, a project nearly two years in the making. US Foods more than doubled the size of its local distribution operation to about 385,000-sq.-ft. at a cost of $30.8 million. Improvements to the building include the additions of a state-of-the-art kitchen, where product demonstrations are held, and an on-site truck repair shop, reported Memphis Business Journal. Full Story

Operator News

식품 기반 신생기업들이 많이 등장하고 있는데 IT 산업의 운영 knowhow를 접목하고 있다. A new group of food-based startups are applying tricks learned from the technology industry to grow a new wave of businesses to cash in on the growing "foodie" movement across the U.S. Like tech entrepreneurs starting out in a Starbucks, foodies who find themselves needing space to prepare boutique treats are turning to shared programs called incubators and accelerators that help them launch by offering communal business spaces and logistical assistance, reported Reuters. Full Story

미국과 해외 610개의 커피체인을 둔 Caribou Coffee는 3억 4천만 달러 거래에 독일 기업에 의해 비공개로 전환되며 인수되었다. Caribou Coffee is being taken private by a German holding company in a deal valued at about $340 million. The coffee chain, which has 610 locations in the U.S. and overseas, will continue to operate as an independent company with its own brand and management team once the buyout by Joh. A Benckiser Group GmbH closes. The German investment firm had also purchased a majority stake in Peet's Coffee & Tea earlier this year, reported The Associated Press. Full Story

던킨 도너츠는 뉴욕의 가장 큰 지역 소매상을 유지하기 위해 작년에 걸쳐 18개 점포를 추가했다. Dunkin' Donuts added 18 stores over the last year to remain New York City's largest national retailer, with 484 locations, according to The Associated Press. But sandwich shop Subway is gaining, adding 24 stores since 2011 to reach 454, according to The Center for an Urban Future's fifth annual study. The number of Subway chain stores rose 3% since 2011 to 7,232, reported New York Daily News. Full Story

영국 캐주얼 다이닝 체인 PizzaExpress는 Bharti Enterprises의 설립자와 제휴하여 첫 번째 레스토랑의 오픈과 함께 인도 시장으로 다시 진입했다. British casual dining chain PizzaExpress re-entered India with the opening of its first restaurant in a partnership with the founders of Bharti Enterprises. PizzaExpress Holdings, a unit of the UK's privately held Gondola Holdings, formed a joint venture late last year with Bharti-affiliated Gourmet Investments to open PizzaExpress outlets in India. PizzaExpress plans to rapidly expand in India, while the restaurant in Mumbai will serve pizzas, pasta, fresh salads and desserts, reported The Wall Street Journal. Full Story (WSJ Subscription Required)

Yum! Brands와 McDonald's는 무차별적으로 항생제와 성장호르몬을 먹여온 닭과 관련한China Central Television의 방송 후, 식품 안전을 강화하기 위해 중국 공급업체와 긴밀하게 협력방안을 강구하고 있다. Yum! Brands and McDonald's are working with Chinese suppliers to ensure the safety of food they serve after China Central Television reported the companies may have sold chicken that had been indiscriminately fed antibiotics and growth hormones. Liuhe Group and Yingtai Food Group, suppliers to customers including KFC and McDonald's, did not properly inspect chickens they bought from farmers in Shandong province before delivering the poultry, the state broadcaster reported yesterday, reported Bloomberg Businessweek. Full Story

스타벅스 일본은 커피가 넘치거나 우유를 넣을만한 여분이 필요하다는 고객의 의견을 반영하여 컵 당 드립 커피양을 줄이기로 결정했다. Starbucks Coffee Japan reduced the amount of drip coffee it pours into each cup, reflecting customers' requests to avoid spilling drinks and add room for milk. The move risks angering consumers in a country where a small cup of drip coffee costs more than double compared with Seattle. Starbucks Japan has raised prices three times since 2006, and operated 965 stores in the country as of Sept. 30, reported Bloomberg.com. Full Story

상하이 당국은 China Central 방송의 항생제 닭고기 관련하여 KFC의 공급업체를 대상으로 조사를 수행할 것으로 밝혔다. Shanghai officials indicated they would investigate whether KFC's chicken suppliers complied with Chinese regulations after state-run China Central Television alleged improper use of antibiotics in chickens. In a statement on its website, the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration stated it took 32 samples of raw chicken meat from eight different product types from a Yum Brands facility in Shanghai. KFC also revealed the steps it takes to ensure food safety in a prepared statement, and stated it was "actively cooperating" with safety authorities in the city of Shanghai, reported The Wall Street Journal. Full Story (WSJ Subscription Required)

Retail News

이번 연말에 월마트 등은 온라인 구매고객을 대상으로 무료 배송이나 가격 할인 등 단순하고 효율적인 쇼핑경험을 제공할 예정이다. This holiday season, retailers such as Walmart are streamlining the shopping process when consumers increasingly are shopping online. Layaway, free shipping, and online price matching are just some of the techniques stores are using to sway shoppers. It used to be enough for stores to promise discounts up to 70% to lure shoppers during the busy holiday period. But the ease of ordering online and the sluggish economy changed that. Americans are no longer impressed by discounts alone, reported New York Daily News. Full Story

러시아의 식품 리테일러인 Dixy는 2012년 11월까지 11개월 동안 약 47.4% 성장한결과를나타냈다. Russian food retailer Dixy stated its consolidated revenues in the first eleven months of 2012 rose 47.4% year-on-year, to 130.1 billion roubles ($4.23 billion). The figure was a slowdown from the 50.2% recorded for the first ten months of the year, reported Reuters. Full Story

경쟁심화와 고객 선호도 변화 등에 따라 몇몇 유통업체들의 공격적인 확장 등 사우디 아라비아의 리테일 시장은 큰 변화를 겪고 있다. Saudi Arabia has a vibrant food retail market, with several major retailers engaged in aggressive expansion plans in response to changing consumers' preferences and increased competition. In 2012, about 24 supermarkets and hypermarket outlets were added to the growing retail food network in Saudi Arabia. U.S. exports of consumer-oriented products to Saudi Arabia have been rapidly growing, totaling $445 million in 2011 and about 37% higher than 2010. USDA Report

페이스북은 월마트와의 가장 큰 모바일 광고 캠페인을 시작했으며, 약 5천만달러 규모의 할인혜택이 제공될 것으로 보인다. Facebook rolled out its largest mobile-advertising campaign with Walmart, made up of 50 million ads, with the retailers discounted deals appearing in Facebook mobile news feeds. Walmart prepurchased the ads in the campaign rather than pay Facebook after users view the ads to get a headstart during the holiday shopping season, and Facebook is now considering making the option available to other companies, reported The Wall Street Journal. Full Story (WSJ Subscription Required)

지난 수년 동안 모로코 푸드 유통 시스템은 많은 소매 식품 아울렛 확장과 새로운 슈퍼마켓의 오픈과 같은 눈에 띄는 변화를 보여왔다. In the past few years, Morocco's food distribution system has seen significant changes with the expansion of a number of retail food outlets and the opening of new supermarket stores. In 2012, Carrefour introduced its Brazilian cash and carry supermarket subsidiary Atacadao to Morocco. In 2013, a Saudi investor plans to enter Morocco's market by acquiring 30% of Aswak Essalam's capital. Deep-discount food outlets have been gaining ground with the continuing growth of the Turkish deep-discounter BIM and the opening of the first store of the British group "Costcutter" in Marrakech in late 2011. USDA Report

Industry News

에너지 음료 기업들은 학생들의 기말시험과 입법가들의 관련 정책 입안에 대응하기 위해 전통적인 마케팅 행사를 계획하고 있다. Energy drink companies are launching their traditional biannual marketing blitz as college students prepare to take final exams and FDA receives calls from lawmakers and health activists to regulate such beverages more strictly. A 2008 study of undergraduates at a large public university found 39% of students had consumed at least one energy drink in the past month, with considerably higher rates for males and white students. The study, funded with a National Institute on Drug Abuse grant, also noted that energy drink marketing tactics are "similar to those used to sell tobacco and alcohol to youths," reported The Washington Post. Full Story (Free Registration Required)

General Mills가 소유한 Green Giant는 처음으로 스낵 사업에 진입하며, 야채 칩 관련 스낵을 내년 1월에 런칭할 예정이다. General Mills-owned Green Giant will enter the snack aisle for the first time in January with the launch of Green Giant veggie chips. The snacks will come in two flavors: sweet potato multigrain chips with sea salt and roasted veggie tortilla chips with a "zesty cheddar flavor." The snacks are among more than 100 new products that General Mills is rolling out in the U.S. in its fiscal year 2013, which ends in May. Hitting stores soon is Honey Nut Cheerios Medley Crunch, which includes clusters and wheat flakes. The launch represents the first time that top-selling cereal brand Honey Nut Cheerios has rolled out its own line extension, reported Advertising Age. Full Story (Free Registration Required)

Dunnhumby 는 페이스북, 트위터 등을 대표하여 BzzAgents의 소셜 미디어 존재를 추적하는 시스템 BzzAgent Pulse를 출시했다. Dunnhumby USA launched BzzAgent Pulse, a system that tracks BzzAgents' social-media presence on behalf of brands on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere, and also tracks campaign impact by shopper segment. Unilever has spent the past six months with Dunnhumby working on refining Pulse, reported Advertising Age. Full Story (Free Registration Required)

호주 GrainCorp는 미국의 Archer Daniels Midland의 매력적인 29억 입찰을 거부했으며, 추가적인 딜의 제안이 예상된다. Australia's GrainCorp rejected a sweetened $2.9 billion bid from Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), putting pressure on the U.S. agribusiness giant to boost its offer. ADM was likely to lift its A$12.20 bid, as it targets the purchase to give it a doorway to supply fast-growing Asia nations seeking food security, analysts claimed, while cautioning that a significant hike was unlikely, reported Reuters. Full Story

아마존 닷컴은 워싱턴 DuPont에 1백만 평방피트 유통센터를 오픈 할 계획이고 프로젝트 투자금액은 1억 달러를 초과할 것이다. Amazon.com plans to open a one million sq.-ft. distribution center in DuPont, WA, and investment in the project will exceed $100 million, reported Puget Sound Business Journal. Full Story

트로피카나는 야채로 구성된 "Farmstand"로 불리는 새로운 음료를 소개하며 다음 달 발매된다. Tropicana is introducing a new drink called "Farmstand," made with vegetables and set to hit shelves next month. The beverage will be sold in the refrigerated sections of supermarkets, which will be a "critical differentiator," because it "signals high quality, it signals premium, it signals freshness," Tropicana's chief marketing officer stated. The product will be available at Walmart later this month before expanding to supermarkets and other retailers early next year, and comes as consumption of pure fruit juice declined 6% over the past five years, according to Euromonitor International, reported The Associated Press. Full Story

Diet Pepsi는 아스파탐에 아세설팜칼륨을 첨가하면서 다음달 브랜드 이미지 개선 계획에착수하기 전 콜라의 감미료를 바꾸었다. Diet Pepsi is changing its sweetener before undertaking a major rebranding planned for next month, adding acesulfame potassium to aspartame, the existing sweetener. While aspartame is sensitive to heat and more easily breaks down, acesulfame potassium is often used in combination with other artificial sweeteners and mixing the two is intended to help keep the drink's sweetening power at a constant level, making it taste fresh longer, according to the editor and publisher of Beverage Digest and reported by The Associated Press. Full Story

Chobani는 매각 대신 독립적인 운영을 원하나, 상장계획을 철회하지는 않았다. Chobani does not want to sell itself to a large company, but it has not ruled out an eventual public offering, or new yogurts with herb flavors. Just before the opening of its third plant, its chief executive stated he wants to stay independent, so the five-year-old company can "do what we love to do." But an IPO is not out of the question, reported Reuters. Full Story

페이스북은 Yelp과 Foursquare와 같은 위치 기반 서비스와 경쟁하기 위해 ‘Nearby’ 기능을 강화하기 위한 아이폰과 안드로이드 어플의 업데이트를 출시한다. Facebook is set to roll out updates for its iPhone and Android apps that will expand its "Nearby" feature and make the social network more of a competitor to location-based services like Yelp and Foursquare. According to the company, the improved Nearby feature will make it easier for users to discover new places that their friends like, reported Chicago Tribune. Full Story (Free Registration Required)

Cargill은 7천 3백만 달러 규모의 옥수수 도정 유닛을 가진 인도의 재배 공정 식품 부분에 투자하고 있다. Cargill is investing in India's growing processed food sector with a $73 million corn milling unit, the head of its India operation stated. India's 1.2 billion population is eating increasing amounts of packaged and processed foods, using the financial benefits of an economy growing at nearly 6% to try western staples from McDonald's to Knorr packet soups, reported Reuters. Full Story

영국의 인플레이션은 낮은 유류비용이 식음료에 대한 고 비용을 상쇄함으로써 올해 11월까지 2.7% 수준을 꾸준히 유지해왔다. Inflation in the UK held steady at 2.7% in the year to November as lower fuel prices helped offset higher costs for food and beverages. The Office for National Statistics stated that prices of food and non-alcoholic drinks rose by 1.1% since October while prices of petrol and diesel fuel dropped. Air fares also fell by 8.3% since October in a traditionally slow month for travel, reported The Washington Post. Full Story (Free Subscription Required)

사우디 아라비아는 광우병 판정에 따라 브라질 소고기 수입을 중단했다. Saudi Arabia has suspended imports of Brazilian beef, Brazil's agriculture ministry stated, and became the largest country to stop purchases after confirmation of a 2010 case of atypical mad cow disease, according to Reuters. The decision, confirmed by a ministry press official in Brasilia, follows Egypt's ban of beef on Monday from Parana state, where a cow that died two years ago had developed atypical bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), or mad cow disease. Egypt will continue to import from other states, reported Chicago Tribune. Full Story (Free Subscription Required)

California's Sacramento Valley는 수입 캐비어에 대한 규제 강화로 인해 미국 내수 시장의 약 80%를 차지하게 되었다. California's Sacramento Valley has become home to the nation's surging caviar industry as its fish farmers capitalize on a shortage of wild caviar. This holiday season, Sterling Caviar hopes its home base will discover its gourmet product, coveted by chefs and enjoyed by diners nationwide. It's rolled out new labeling, a new website and a higher profile as another sustainable crop that's Sacramento grown. Supplier to caviar giant Petrossian, Sterling now accounts for about 80% of the domestic caviar market. Its demand has skyrocketed following restrictions on imported wild caviar, reported The Sacramento Bee. Full Story (Free Registration Required)

Health News

Wake Forest University 에 따르면, 요요 다이어트를 한 여성은 심장 혈관문제의 위험을 증가 시킬 수 있다. Women who yo-yo diet may raise the risk of cardiovascular trouble, according to a study by Wake Forest University. The study found that although cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides and blood sugar all improve with weight loss, with weight regain they all return to pre-diet levels and, in some cases, to even higher levels, the researchers found, reported HealthDay. Full Story

Washington News

FDA는 에너지 드링크 제품 사용 규제와 부작용에 대한 경고처럼 식품의 카페인 양을 나타내도록 회사에 요구하는 것을 고려할 것이다. FDA will consider asking companies to disclose the amount of caffeine in food products, as well as imposing limitations on energy drink products' use and warnings about possible side effects. That comes in the wake of an investigation into five deaths that could be linked with Monster Beverage's energy drinks, and 13 deaths that could be tied to 5-Hour Energy. In recent weeks, 27% of consumers have stopped or reduced their usage of 5-Hour Energy, with 10% stating it was because of the news and 26% citing health or concerns over side effects. Meanwhile, 20% of consumers stated they had stopped or reduced their usage of Monster, with 7% citing the news and 36% blaming health and side effects, reported Advertising Age. Full Story (Free Registration Required)

Market News

뉴욕 주식거래소는 IntercontinentalExchange에 약 82억불에 매각되었다. 당국이 이를 승인하면, ICE의 본사는 뉴욕과 Atlanta 2곳이 될 예정이며, 투자자들에게는 거의 변화가 없을 것으로 전했다. The New York Stock Exchange is being sold to IntercontinentalExchange for $8.2 billion. Atlanta-based ICE assured investors little would change for the NYSE if regulators approve the deal, though there will be dual headquarters in New York and Atlanta with ICE opening an office in Manhattan. NYSE CEO Duncan Niederauer will become president of the combined company and CEO of NYSE Group, reported The Associated Press. Full Story

수출물량의 유지 및 지속적인 글로벌 시장의 확장으로 인해 캘리포니아 아몬드의 수요는 계속해서 증가하고 있다. Maintaining exports and seeking out emerging global markets have helped assure that demand for California almonds continues to expand, according to Ag Alert. The Almond Board estimated export shipments for the 2012-13 crop year at nearly 1.5 billion-lbs.; in 2006-07, almond exports totaled almost 698 million-lbs. Full Story

브라질은 돼지와 소와 같은 동물에 논란이 된 근육 성장 촉진제를 먹이는 것을 금지한 후 최대 바이어인 러시아로 소고기 수출을 증가시키게 되었다. Brazil could end up increasing beef exports to Russia, its biggest buyer, after banning a controversial feed additive that promotes muscle growth in animals such as pigs and cattle, according to Russia's food safety watchdog. Russia stepped up tests on U.S. and Canadian meat imports for traces of the additive, a beta blocker called ractopamine, and demanded both nations certify their meat as ractopamine-free. U.S. exports alone to Russia are worth about $500 million, reported Reuters. Full Story

브라질은 세계 농업 생산량 요구에 힘입어, 전년 대비 이번 시즌에 14%까지 유전자 변형 콩과 옥수수와 목화를 재배하는 토지면적을 늘릴 것이다. Brazil will increase the amount of land planted with genetically modified soy, corn and cotton by 14% this season from a year ago as it shoulders a growing share of the world's agricultural output, according to a local analytics firm Celeres. That is more than the 12.3% expansion in GMO crops Celeres estimated in August. Brazilian farmers invested heavily in technology to increase productivity this season, particularly in soybeans. Nearly 89% of Brazil's soybean crop, which is likely to be the largest in the world when it is harvested early next year, has been planted with GMO seeds, reported Reuters. Full Story

캘리포니아 Tulare County 오렌지 재배자와 포장 담당자는 최근 아시아 감귤류 프실라 발견 이후로 과일을 손질하고 옮기는 관련한 제약사항들을 적용하기 시작했다. Orange growers and packers in Californias Tulare County have started implementing state restrictions on handling and moving fruit imposed since the latest Asian citrus psyllid finding there. The psyllids can spread citrus greening bacteria, or huanglongbing (HLB). The three found in traps in the county this past year were not carriers, reported The Packer Online. Full Story

전 세계 농작물을 재배하는데 필요한 경작지 면적은 최고점에 달해있고, 생산성 향상과인구증가 미흡으로 2060년까지 프랑스의 약 두 배 이상 되는 지리학적 면적이 자연상태로 복원될 수 있다고 전문가들이 전했다. The amount of land needed to grow crops worldwide is at a peak, and a geographical area more than twice the size of France will be able to return to its natural state by 2060 as a result of rising yields and slower population growth, a group of experts stated. Their report, conflicting with United Nations' studies that claims more cropland will be needed in coming decades to avert hunger and price spikes as the world population rises above seven billion, stated humanity had reached what it called "Peak Farmland," reported Reuters. Full Story

유럽의 최고 프레시 농작물 회사인 Total Produce는 향후 4년에 걸쳐 2번의 거래를 통해 Oppenheimer Group의 주요 지분을 확보할 것으로 전했다. Total Produce, one of Europe's top fresh produce companies, will acquire majority interest in the Oppenheimer Group in two transactions over the next four years. The Dundalk, Ireland company agreed to purchase in two stages 65% of Grandview Ventures, which trades as the Oppenheimer Group, reported The Packer Online. Full Story

그레이프 프룻을 제외하고 이탈리아의 적은 오렌지 수확량과 스페인의 저조한 만다린과 레몬 농작물의 결과로 모든 감귤류의 생산물은 2012/13년도 EU에서 저조할 것으로 예상된다. With the exception of grapefruit, the production of all citrus crops is expected to be lower in the EU in marketing year 2012/13, a consequence of Italy's lower orange crop and Spain's lower mandarin and lemon crops. EU exports proceed at a good pace as production in some of the main competing countries is also lower. USDA Report

남아프리카는 규모 측면에서 스페인 다음으로 세계 제 2의 신선한 감귤류의 수출업자이다. South Africa ranks as the world's second-largest exporter of fresh citrus fruit by volume behind Spain. For Marketing Year (MY) 2012/13, continued recovery is expected in citrus production for the second year in a row, after the hail storms that reduced Navel yields in the Groblersdal and Marble Hall production areas in the MY 2010/12. USDA Report


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