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Simit + Smith 는 뉴욕에 인기 있는 저 칼로리 유러피안 베이글을 선보이고 있다. Simit + Smith is bringing a popular, low-cal European bagel to the New York market. The brand new would-be restaurant chain, which specializes in simits, a flat, round, sesame-seed encrusted baked good popular in Turkey and Romania, has opened its first location on Manhattan's Upper West Side. Two additional outposts are under construction, as the company ramps up to have a total of seven outposts up and running here by year-end. The company has signed leases for about 1,000-sq.- ft. each in New York City. Both locations are expected to open for business before April. They follow a 700-sq.-ft. outpost, which opened Dec. 20 on West 72nd Street, reported Crain's New York Business.

FDA는 지난 금요일에 식품 안전법 현대화와 관련한 내용을 실행하기 위한 2가지 제안을 우선적으로 발표했다. The Food and Drug Administration on Friday released the first two proposals to implement elements of the Food Safety Modernization Act. The proposals for the Hazard Analysis and Preventive Controls standard and the Produce Safety standard are the first to be released and FDA officials outlined the proposals in a conference call on Friday. On the call they did announce that the preventive control regulation contains an exemption for facilities that only distribute product that is not exposed to the environment though clarified that it would not apply to produce contained in cartons with airholes. The proposals are available on IFDA's Regulatory Watch. Please note that the regulations in pre-publication form are exceedingly long but will be published in the Federal Register on January 16 in a more compact format. Comments are due May 16 and IFDA will be filing on behalf of the industry.

체인 레스토랑 국립 협회는 체인 레스토랑 산업에서 에탄올을 기반으로 한 옥수수 콘의 사용의 영향을 검토하는 PWC의 논문을 최근 발표했다. The National Council of Chain Restaurants recently released a study from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) examining the effects of the use of corn based ethanol on the chain restaurant industry. The report, entitled "Federal Ethanol Policies and Chain Restaurant Food Costs," details the impact of the federal Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). The use of corn in ethanol production has side effects in both corn and other agricultural markets. Increasing the demand for corn for fuel results in increasing the costs of other uses such as livestock feed and baked goods. The study concludes that the RFS mandate, which requires an ever-increasing volume of ethanol fuel from corn to be blended into gasoline each year, greatly increases the food input costs of chain restaurant operators. PwC estimated that by 2015, the RFS mandate will increase total costs for chain restaurants owners by up to $3.2 billion per year for every year the RFS remains in effect. A copy of the study isavailable here. If you are an IFDA member and would like more information, contact the IFDA government relations department.

Operator News

스타벅스 관계자는 투자 그룹 Global Baristas가 파산한 Tully's Coffee 의 인수 건 관련하여 인정하지 않고 있다. Starbucks officials are not conceding the purchase of bankrupt Tully's Coffee by investment group Global Baristas. Starbucks claimed it and another bidder offered $10.56 million for the chain, more than the investment group's $9.15 million. A bankruptcy court judge will hold a hearing Jan. 11 to verify the winning bid is the highest and best for Tully's, reported NBCNewsFull Story

맥도널드는 치킨 메뉴에 “Mighty Wings”을 추가 및 아틀란타에서 작년 성공적인 반응 후 이번 주 시카고에서 치킨 윙 테스트를 넓혀갈 것이다. McDonald's may add "Mighty Wings" to its chicken menu, and will expand its test of chicken wings to Chicago this week after a successful run in Atlanta last year. The wings are being sold in servings of three, five or 10 pieces with prices starting at $3 in about 500 Chicago restaurants, though there there is not yet a plan to bring the wings to other cities. Whether "Mighty Wings" are offered will likely depend on McDonald's ability to get wings at reasonable prices, according to a Sterne Agee analyst, and whether they can be eaten easily in the car, reported The Associated PressFull Story

KFC 모회사인 Yum Brands 는 중국의 상위 시장에서의 판매량이 4분기 판매량이 기대이상 더 많이 하락했는데 이는 치킨 공급과 관련한 정부 검토에 따른 편파적인 보도 때문이라며 우려를 나타냈다. KFC parent Yum Brands warned that sales in its top market of China shrank more than expected in the fourth quarterciting bad publicity from a government review of its chicken supply. China sales fell 6% in the quarter, worse than its earlier forecast of a 4% decline, according to Yum in a regulatory filing. The media coverage associated with the government's review had a "significant impact" on KFC sales in China in the last two weeks of December, reported ReutersFull Story

몇몇 레스토랑은 건강에 미치는 소금의 부정적인 효과를 없애기 위해 칼륨이 풍부한 재료를 사용함으로써 다량 나트륨 성분에 균형을 맞추고 있거나 볼륨 당 나트륨이 적게 들어간 굵은 소금을 사용하고 있다. Some restaurants are balancing sodium-rich ingredients with potassium-rich ingredients to counteract the negative effects of sodium on health, or by using coarse salt, which contains less sodium per volume. The average American consumes more than 3,400-mg. of sodium per day, and eats in restaurants an average of five times a week, where CDC claims the food contributes about 25% of sodium in the American diet, reported The Wall Street JournalFull Story (WSJSubscription Required)

소고기에 대한 비용 상승이 레스토랑 운영자들에게 메뉴에 단백질을 제공할 수 있는 창의적인 방안을 모색해보도록 압력을 주고 있다. Rising costs for beef have pushed restaurant operators to find creative ways of offering proteins on their menus, according to Mintel. Protein alternatives were among the four trends Mintel identified that will impact the restaurant industry in 2013. The rising cost of beef has outpaced other proteins, reported Meat & PoultryFull Story (Free Registration Required)

더 많은 사람들이 고가 레스토랑 보다는 캐주얼 체인 레스토랑에서의 외식을 선택함으로써 Britain's Restaurant Group의 매출은 2012년 12월 30일 기준으로 전년대비 약 9% 이상 상승했다. Britain's Restaurant Group's turnover rose 9% for the year ended Dec. 30, 2012 as more people opted to eat out at its casual dining chains rather than high-end restaurants, and it estimated profit to be slightly ahead of market forecasts. The company, which owns the Frankie & Benny's chains, stated analysts' average forecast for pretax profit for the 52-week period was $103 million, reported ReutersFull Story

맥도널드는 금세기 이탈리아에 100개 이상의 새로운 점포를 오픈 할 예정이며 4억 5천 7백만 달러를 투자하여 2015년도까지 3천 여명을 고용할 계획이다. McDonald's will open more than 100 new restaurants in Italy this decadeand plans to spend $457 million and hire 3,000 people by 2015 to boost its market share. The restaurant chain thinks Italy will become a high-growth area despite foreign investment falling by almost 30% since 2007, and launched an advertising campaign playing to Italians' patriotism. McDonald's currently has a market share in the country of 2% in the 'informal eating out' sector, with a target of 3% by 2015, reported ReutersFull Story

Retail News

이탈리아의 식료품 부문은 매우 세분화 되어있으며 변화에 대한 저항이 거셀 것으로 보인다. In Italy, the grocery retail sector is extremely fragmented and resistant to change. Consolidation remains low and traditional grocery stores remain the majority of the outlets, followed by open-air markets. Nonetheless, consolidation is slowly gaining momentum, as a few Italian and foreign operators are starting to expand their network of stores, particularly in the south of the country. USDA Report

Seven &I Holdings 분기 영업 이익은 7억8천9백만 달러에 4.8 %를 기록했다. Seven & I Holdings quarterly operating profit rose 4.8% to $789 million as higher profits from its core 7-Eleven stores were supported by stronger income figures at other retail formats. Seven & I's operating profit rose for the first time in three quarters behind efforts to cut costs and expand its convenience store network. The company also worked to boost its appeal to new customer demographics in Japan such as women and the elderly with cooking oils, fresh vegetables and lower-priced, private-brand items, reported ReutersFull Story

Britain's Wm Morrison 는 크리스마스기간에 걸쳐 매출이 감소하였는데 이는 별 다른 특색 없는 홍보와 온라인 부재 및 편의점의 부족으로 소비자로 하여금 호감을 얻지 못한데 있다. Britain's Wm Morrison stated a sales fall worsened over Christmas as bland promotions failed to lure customers also put off by its lack of an online presence and convenience stores. The UK's fourth-biggest grocer behind market leader Tesco, Walmart's Asda and J Sainsbury stated sales at stores open over a year fell 2.5% in the six weeks to Dec. 30, 2012, picking up speed from a third quarter drop of 2.1%, reported ReutersFull Story

타겟은 주요 경쟁사인 아마존과 월마트의 년간 가격 분석 등에 기반하여 가격전략을 구상하고 있다. Target will match on a year-round basis the prices found on the websites of key rivals Amazon, Walmart and othersits latest tactic to hold onto shoppers focused on price, Reuters reported. The move extends an online price-matching program that Target introduced over the holiday season and which was supposed to last only from Nov. 1 to Dec. 16, 2012. It also comes after Target last week reported flat sales growth in December at stores open at least a year. Full Story

IBISWorld에 의하면, 온라인 식료품 쇼핑은 2017까지 94억 달러의 시장규모와 년 평균 약 9.5%의 성장률이 전망된다고 전했다. Online grocery shopping is poised to grow at an annual rate of 9.5%with the potential to become a $9.4 billion industry by 2017, according to IBISWorld. Safeway is boasting more interest in its home delivery service, and players like Amazon and Walmart have entered the game with plans to expand. Safeway has an easier time because the products it sells online are picked and shipped to customers directly from the closest Safeway store. Online-only grocers, on the other hand, have to deal with all the incremental costs associated with not having established stores, such as trucks, drivers, warehouses and warehouse workers, reportedSan Francisco Business TimesFull Story

Kum & Go 는 9개 주 43개의 새로운 점포를 오픈 하는 기록을 가짐으로써 2012년 놀랄만한 급성장을 이루었다. Kum & Go experienced an incredible growth spurt in 2012opening a record 43 new stores in nine states. The retailer plans to continue the momentum into 2013 and beyond, reported Convenience Store NewsFull Story

Industry News

이탈리아 식품 가공 산업은 전적으로 다른 EU 국가로부터 생산되는 원자재 수입에 의존한다. The Italian food-processing industry depends almost entirely on raw material importsmost of which come from other EU countries. In Italy, the 10 leading food-processing companies account for around 40% of sector sales, and growth areas include chilled ready meals, frozen pizza, soups, and healthy foods. USDA Report

Monsanto 는 옥수수 씨앗 판매량에 의해 3억 3천 9백만 달러 이익과 함께 1/4 회계분기에 대한 순 매출액이 21% 오른 29억 4천만 달러를 기록했다. Monsanto reported net sales for its fiscal-first-quarter rose 21% to $2.94 billionwith a profit of $339 million helped by strong corn-seed sales. Monsanto's seed business earned $1.76 billion in sales, rising 14%, as other segments of the seeds business posted declines in sales. The company's agricultural productivity business also showed growth with sales rising 31% to $1.18 billion, reported The Wall Street JournalFull Story (WSJ Subscription Required)

호주에서의 식품 가격이 하락하고 있다. 9월 기준으로 약 2.7% 감소한 결과를 나타내고 있다. Food prices in Australia are going down. Local food costs declined by 2.7% in the 12 months to the end of September, a News Limited analysis of OECD data reveals. "We can confirm that Australia had the biggest price decline of food prices in the recent past," Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development spokesman Lawrence Speer stated. Some of this most recent drop is due to fruit prices normalizing after the effects of the Queensland floods of late 2010 and early 2011, the Victorian floods of January 2011 and Cyclone Yasi in February 2011, reported News Limited. Full Story

아일랜드의 식품과 음료수출은 아시아의 선적이 증가함에 따라 작년 처음으로 120억달러 이상 규모로 상승했다. Ireland's food and drink exports last year climbed above $12 billion for the first timeaided by rising shipments to Asia. Meat and livestock made up the biggest export sector, with shipments valued at $3.9 billion in 2012, up 4% from a year earlier. The weakening euro has increased the appeal of Irish goods for buyers in the UK and in other countries outside the euro zone, reported Bloomberg.comFull Story

사모투자 회사인 KKR은 생선, 인스턴트 식품, 간장 및 칠리 소스 등을 제조하는 베트남 Masan Group의 투자 및 지분율을 높였다. Private equity fund KKR increased its share in Vietnam's Masan Groupa fish, instant food, soya and chili sauce producer. The $200 million deal with Masan is the largest by a private equity firm so far in Vietnam; KKR originally invested $159 million in Masan Consumer back in 2011, reported BBC NewsFull Story

AP통신에 의하면, Cargill 은 사업의 대부분 이익을 나타내어 2-4분기 순 이익이 4배를 기록했다. Cargill stated its fiscal second-quarter net income quadrupledas most of its businesses posted gains, according to The Associated Press. For the quarter ended Nov. 30, 2012, the privately held agribusiness company stated it earned $409 million, up from $100 million in the same quarter last year. Revenue rose 6% to $35.2 billion, reported Bloomberg BusinessweekFull Story

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Food Logistics 는 9번째 열린 Food Logistics 상위 100 테크놀러지 회사에 대한 시상에서 AFS Technologies에 소프트웨어와 technology 부문의 리딩 기업으로 시상했다. Food Logistics recognized AFS Technologies as a top software and technology provider in the ninth-annual Food Logistics Top 100 Technology Companies. AFS provides solutions in all areas of the supply chain, from the manufacturer, to broker, logistics provider, distributor and the operator, reported Fort Mill TimesFull Story

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Washington News

특정 경쟁업체들보다 더 좋은 가격을 제시한다는 월마트의 광고 캠페인으로 인해 경쟁기업들은 6개 주 이상 지역에서 기소를 준비 중에 있다. A Walmart advertising campaign claiming better prices than specific competitors resulted in rival retailers seeking redresswith state attorneys general in more than six states. The targeted retailers include several regional supermarket chains, and allege Walmart cites inaccurate prices and compares differing products. Walmart began the radio and television ads in 31 U.S. cities last spring as part of a broader campaign to regain its reputation for "rock-bottom pricing" after it suffered a two-year sales slump in the U.S. following the recession, according to The Wall Street Journal. Walmart claimed the initial ads spurred a 1.2% boost in same-store sales and a 1.1% rise in store visits in areas where the ads aired. Full Story (WSJ Subscription Required)

Market News

Maine의 랍스터 어획량은 새로운 기록을 세우며 작년 대비 18% 이상 급등했지만, 시장 의 공급과잉으로 인해 해산물의 가치가 낮아지고, 이를 통해 미국 동부 지역의 바닷가재 관련한 기업들의 경영난을 야기시켰다. Maine's lobster catch surged 18% last year for another record, but a marketplace glut depressed the value of the seafood, causing financial hardship for lobstermen, processing plants and dealers up and down the East Coast, officials stated, noted The Associated Press. The lobster catch topped 100 million-lbs. for the first time in 2011, and the numbers grew again in 2012 with a preliminary total suggesting a catch of more than 123 million-lbs., according to the Maine Department of Marine Resources, reported The Philadelphia InquirerFull Story

년간 농작물 보고서에 따르면 칠레의 블루베리 수출업자는 1년의 마지막 무렵인 51주차에서 수출 목표를 회복하고 있는 것으로 나타났다. Chilean blueberry exporters are recovering from their export target levels during week 51, according to the Chilean Blueberry Committee, an organization linked to the Chilean Fresh Fruit Exporters Association in its week 52 crop report. As of the report release date, blueberries sent to processing were 30% fewer than expected. Until the previous week, a decline was expected in the fresh export sector, indicating that 72,000 tons would be exported. However, this will not be the case because growers in Chile prioritized the fresh market over the processing sector. The entire harvest will be reduced, but the reduction will be mostly absorbed by the frozen industry. The revised estimate for fresh blueberry exports from Chile this season now stands at 79,367 tons, reported The Produce NewsFull Story

멕시코는 올해 2월 3일에 열릴 빅 게임에 대한 아보카도의 가장 큰 공급업체가 될 것이다. Mexico will be the largest supplier of avocados for the Big Gameset for Feb. 3 this year, stated the president of Henry Avocado. "There's been a dramatic change the past few years" in the increase in Mexican product and decrease in Chilean product for the Super Bowl, the president continued. Some California fruit will be harvested before the game, but for the most part, supplies will be limited, reported The Packer OnlineFull Story

귤 작황을 제외한 모든 감귤 품종의 터키 생산은 2012년의 이상 기후 현상으로 인해 작황 및 수확량의 감소가 예상되고 있다. Turkish production of all citrus varieties, except tangerines, is expected to be significantly affected by unfavorable weather conditions in marketing year (MY) 2012. Russia, Ukraine and Iraq are still the major export destinations for Turkish citrus. The Turkish government is expected to continue providing export subsidies to citrus exporters in MY 2012.USDA Report

미국전역에 새로운 과실 파리가 나타나고 있으며, 특히 작은 과일의 재배자들에게 위협이 되고 있다. A new fruit fly is showing up across the U.S., and it may cause problems for growers, especially in small fruit. Similar in size, but not appearance, to Spotted Wing Drosophila, the African fig fly (AFF) lays its eggs in overripe and damaged fruit, stated a researcher with Penn State University's Department of Entomology. The main concern for AFF is mid- to late-season crops like raspberries, blackberries and grapes, reported Fruit Growers NewsFull Story

식물 검역 분쟁에 의해 8월 이후 수출이 중단된 이후에도, 미국 사과 산업의 주요 기업들은 여전히 중국 시장에 대한 재수출을 위해 많은 노력을 기울이고 있다. With trade derailed since August by a phytosanitary dispute, U.S. apple industry leaders are still working to reopen the Chinese market for U.S. exports of red and golden delicious apples. Chinese authorities stated they closed the market because of post harvest decay and disease issues, stated the manager of Northwest Fruit Exporters. The market was officially closed Aug. 9, though Chinese honored some import permits after that, reported The Packer OnlineFull Story

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