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돌아오는 IFDA 웹 세미나 시간에는 Technomic의 Bob Goldin이 최근 발표된 보고서의 중요 포인트인 “경제 침체 후 개별 식당의 생존 전략 및 미래 전망”에 대해 발표를 진행할 예정이다. During an upcoming IFDA webinar, Bob Goldin of Technomic will discuss key points from the recently released report, "After the Storm: How Independent Operators Have Adapted & Their Future Prospects."During the session, Goldin will discuss how independent operators have been affected by the economic downturn and how their sourcing behavior has fundamentally changed. An outlook for the segment will also be presented. This webinar, open only to IFDA Distributor Members, takes place on January 21 at 2:00 PM EDT and costs only $25 per station. To register, click here.

IFDA 식품 안전 위원회의 위해 요인 및 예방관리, 농산물 안전과 관련한 FDA에의 두 가지 제안 요약본이 공개되었다. Summary of the FDA proposals on hazard analysis/preventive controls and produce safety from IFDA food safety counsel is now available. The two proposals are the first to be released by the agency as part of the implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act. The IFDA Food Safety Committee will be drafting Comments on behalf of the industry, which are due on May 16. To access a PDF of both summaries, visitIFDA's Regulatory Watch. If you are an IFDA member and have issues, concerns or questions regarding the new proposals, please feel free to contact Jon Eisen in the IFDA government relations department.

국세청은 건강보험 개혁법(Affordable Care Act ) 고용 권한 규정의 실행에 관한 훨씬 더 자세한 사항을 제공하는 제안된 규정을 발행했다. The Internal Revenue Service has issued proposed regulations providing greater detail on the implementation of the employer mandate provisions of the Affordable Care Act. The proposal provides information regarding the agency's approach to questions such as determining whether an employer is subject to the mandate and how to determine which employees are considered "full time employees" for the purposes of the new law. The proposal also includes more detailed guidance on how the employer penalty would be calculated and paid. A summary of the new rules from IFDA's workforce legal counsel is available here. If you are an IFDA member and would like additional information, contact the IFDA government relations department.

Operator News

맥도널드는 아동이 글을 읽고 쓰는 능력을 장려하기 위한 일환으로 영국에서 인기 있는 해피밀에 장난감 대신 교육 책자로 대체하기로 하였다. McDonald's is set to replace the toys in its famous Happy Meals with educational books in the UK as part of an effort to boost child literacy. The fast food restaurant chain will become the UK's largest children's book distributor after announcing plans to give away more than 15 million books over the next two years, and the promotion started this week, reported The Daily MailFull Story

Global Baristas 투자그룹은 Tully's Coffee 체인에 대한 인수를 연방 파산 법원으로부터 1월 11일에 승인 받았다. The sale of the Tully's Coffee chain to investment group Global Baristas was approvedby a judge in federal bankruptcy court Jan. 11, as the Jan. 4 auction was found to be fair and free of mistakes, reported The Associated PressFull Story

크리스피 크림 도넛은 기존 메뉴에 추가하여 과일주스, 오트밀, 스무디와 커피를 추가하여 다시 판매량을 올리고 있다. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts revived itself by moving beyond its sugary signature product and adding fruit juice, oatmeal, smoothies and coffee to the menu. Quarterly sales have risen for more than two years, and fiscal 2013 sales are forecast to match pre-recession levels. Shares have soared 26% this year amid speculation the 76-year-old chain is a takeover target. Coffee and snack shop sales are forecast to increase 4% annually to reach $33.9 billion in 2017, compared with growth of 1.9% a year for fast-food chains during the same period, according to IBISWorld. Krispy Kreme's 2.1% U.S. market share remains tiny compared with Starbucks' 36% and Dunkin' Brands Group's 25%, reported Bloomberg.comFull Story

독일 외식 시장 매출은 개별 full service 식당의 성장과 밀접하다. German foodservice sales continue to be led primarily by independent full service restaurantsand international chains have a very strong position in the fast food segment. Total turnover for the German food service sector increased by 3.8% to $87.3 billion (65.3 billion) in 2011. USDA Report

뉴욕 시 당국은 당도가 매우 높은 음료를 제공하는 것에 대한 벌칙금을 부과하는 것을 금지하기 전에 3개월의 유예 기간을 식당과 푸드 아울렛 매장에 부여 할 것이다. New York City will give restaurants and food outlets a three-month grace period before imposing fines for serving the large sugary drinks that will be banned, city officials stated Jan. 15. The board of the city's Department of Health passed the ban, the first of its kind in the nation, in September, arguing that excessive soda drinking was a significant cause of obesity and other health problems. Under the new rules, most restaurants and food outlets will not be allowed to serve non-alcoholic, sugar-sweetened drinks in cups larger than 16 ozs., the equivalent of a "small" drink at McDonald's restaurants. Certain groceries and stores that are regulated by the state rather than the city are exempt, reported ReutersFull Story

대학 식당에서의 스페셜 메뉴는 카페테리아에서의 선호 음식과 균형을 위한 건강식을 제공하는 현 상황의 어려움을 단적으로 반영한다. Special offerings in college dining halls reflect the challenges that colleges and universities confront in balancing choices vs. needs in cafeterias. They must cater to students' increasingly sophisticated palates while ensuring those with dietary restrictions have healthy and appetizing options, too. A recent federal civil rights investigation of Lesley University for its failure to provide gluten-free food shows that one-style-fits-all is not option, reported The Boston GlobeFull Story (Subscription Required)

높은 이익률에도 불구하고 웬디스는 4분기 매출은 하락을 나타내었는데, 강력한 마케팅과 판촉을 통해 올해에도 동일한 성장률을 회복하려고 한다고 전했다. Stronger marketing and promotions will help Wendy's return to same-store sale growth this year after the metric slipped in the fourth quarter despite stronger overall earnings. Sales at restaurants in North America open at least 15 months fell 0.2% at company-owned restaurants and 0.6% at franchised stores in the latest quarter, the result of a weak marketing message and competitive advertising from other restaurants, according to the company's CEO. Wendy's is also optimistic an increase in promotions and a restaurant remodeling program will increase earnings, reported The Wall Street JournalFull Story (WSJ Subscription Required)

AP뉴스에 의하면 크리스피 크림은 1월 19일에 인도에 첫 프랜차이즈 매장을 오픈한다. Krispy Kreme will open its first franchise location in India Jan. 19, according to The Associated Press. The opening of the Bangalore store is part of a deal between the donut maker and Citymax Hotels for the development of 80 Krispy Kreme franchise stores in India over five years. Full Story

Retail News

월마트는 Alabama Huntsville에 “복합매장” Neighborhood Market을 건축하는데 승인되었다. Walmart is committed to building "multiple" Neighborhood Market stores in Huntsville, AL, according to the city's director of urban development, reported AL.comFull Story

여성, 특별히 어머니들은 식품 구매 결정을 하는데 있어서 유통기업의 웹사이트와 소셜 미디어를 활용하는 비중이 증가하는 것으로 나타나고 있다. Women, and mothers in particular, are increasingly turning to social media and store websites to make food shopping decisions, according to the report "Moms as Food Shoppers: Grocery Store and Supercenter Patterns and Trends" by Packaged Facts. Mothers are 43% more likely to go online to gather coupons and 38% more likely than other shoppers to look at store websites. Mothers also are using social media and store websites to plan their grocery store trips, reported Sun Sentinel.Full Story

월마트는 미국 경제를 부양시키기 위해 다음 10년 동안 입찰을 통해 미국 생산 제품을 500억 달러 이상 구매할 것이다. Walmart will buy an additional $50 billion in U.S.-made products over the next decade in a bid to help boost the U.S. economy. Walmart also plans to hire 100,000 new veterans over the next five years, at a time when the U.S. unemployment rate remains well over 7%, reported Reuters. Full Story

72개의 타운 홈과 Parsippany 유통센터의 개발 계획은 부동산 가치의 하락과 물 문제와 같은 문제와 많은 교통 체증을 유발할 수 있다고 지역주민들이 불만을 토로하고 있다. A plan to bring a Whole Foods supermarket, 72 townhomes and a retail development to Parsippany, NJ has drawn anger from township residents who claim it will bring too much traffic and other headaches, such as water problems and lower property values. The 26-acre site by the Intervale Road-Route 46 west intersection is currently zoned for commercial offices, but RD Realty is applying via the planning board to create an overlay zone, which would also allow for residential properties, reported NewJersey.comFull Story

유로 존의 어려운 경제상황에도 불구하고 오스트리아 푸드 소매 매출액은 2011년도 1백 95억 유로에 19.5% 상승했다. Despite the difficult economic situation in the Euro zone, Austrian food retail sales grew by 1.3% to 19.5 billion euros in 2011. With the expected recovery of the economy, a slight increase in growth is forecast for 2012 and 2013. Food retail trends show an increasing number of private labels and high quality, organic, and sustainable products supermarket shelves. U.S. products with good prospects include tree nuts, wine, processed fruits and vegetables, fruit juices, snack foods, high quality beef, pet foods, as well as health, organic and sustainable food products. Full Story

Industry News

최근 보고서에 따르면 개발도상국에서의 생산 비효율성과 선진국에서의 낭비된 음식물로 인해 많은 낭비가 발생하며, 그 수준은 세계음식의 약 절반 수준 정도라고 제시하였다. Up to half of the world's food is wasted, according to a new report that found production inefficiencies in developing countries and market and consumer waste in more advanced societies. The British-based independent Institution of Mechanical Engineers stated about 4.4 billion tons of food is produced annually and roughly half of it is never eaten. Some of it is lost to inefficient harvesting, storage and transportation, while the rest is wasted by markets or consumers, reported CNNFull Story

Advertising Age 에 따르면 2013 식품 동향은 시장 경영자들이 전통적 고체 식품에서 액체 형태로의 실험이 지속되며, 고기를 비 선호하는 움직임이 눈에 띄게 증가하고, 소규모 건강 식품 패스트 체인들의 등장과 quinoa 와 Brussels sprouts 과 같은 채소 아이템의 제공이 증가할 것으로 전망했다. Food trends for 2013 according to Advertising Agewill be marketers continuing to experiment with putting traditionally solid foods into liquid form, increased visbility of the meatless movement, and smaller health-food fast-casual chains popping up and offering items such as quinoa and Brussels sproutsFull Story (Paid Subscription Required)

거의 30년만의 중국의 가장 추운 날씨는 월별 17.5% 가량 야채 가격을 증가시켰고, 12월까지 7개월 이상 높은 인플레이션을 나타냈다. China's coldest winter in nearly three decades increased vegetable prices by 17.5% on a monthly basis, and drove inflation to a seven-month high in December. Consumer prices rose 2.5% from a year earlier, China's National Bureau of Statistics reported, up from 2% year-on-year growth in November. China was battered by a deep chill in recent weeks that killed off livestock and ruined crops, and the higher vegetable prices contributed to the 57.5% growth in the consumer price index last month, reported The Los Angeles TimesFull Story (Free Registration Required)

코카 콜라는 소다와 대중 건강에 대한 광고를 대형 방송국 및 미디어를 중심으로 준비 중이며, 이를 통해 비만은 소다음료 뿐만 아니라 맣은 칼로리 섭취를 통한 결과이며, 코카톨라는 음료의 칼로리를 줄여가고 있다는 내용을 포함한다. Coca-Cola will address obesity in a two-minute ad during the highest-rated shows on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC, seeking to become a stronger voice in the debate over sodas and public health. The ad emphasizes Coca-Cola's progressively decreasing caloric counts and the perspective that weight gain is the result of consuming too many calories of any kind and not just soda. Coca-Cola states the campaign will kick off a variety of moves that help address obesity in the year ahead, and are not a reaction to any particular negative public sentiment, reported The Associated PressFull Story

중국은 식품 안전 법을 위반하는 사람들을 신고하는 사람들에게 4만 8천 2백 달러까지 보상금을 지급할 예정이다. China will offer up to $48,200 as a cash reward to people who report on others who violate food safety laws, according to state media, as the government tries again to crack down on a persistent problem. "Actions taken to report violations of food and drug safety laws will be rewarded," stated government news agency Xinhua. Rewards will be paid out after the authorities confirm the veracity of the tip-offs, reported ReutersFull Story

미국 농장 연합(The American Farm Bureau Federation)에 의하면 견과류, 씨앗과 곡물을 함유한 음료가 올해 인기를 얻을 것으로 예상된다. Drinks infused with nuts, seeds and grains are expected to gain popularity this year, according to The American Farm Bureau Federation. One example is almond water, made by mixing water with a homemade sugary almond syrup. Makers of almond water describe the flavor as similar to marzipan, and not very nutty, reported California Farm Bureau FederationFull Story

USDA 과학자들과 대학 연구진들은 일회용 식품 용기에 사용되는 생물 분해성 플라스틱을 개발했다. USDA scientists and university cooperators have developed a biodegradable plastic that could be used in disposable food containers. The plastic, called a thermoplastic, becomes soft when heated. To make the plastic, Agricultural Research Service scientists incorporated biodegradable sugar beet pulp, which is the leftover residue from sugar extraction, with a biodegradable polymer. The result is thermoplastic composites that retain mechanical properties similar to polystyrene and polypropylene, the compounds used to make white, spongy food packages. Full Story

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Groupon 은 위치 인식 기반의 애플리케이션 기업인 Glassmap사를 인수했다. Groupon has acquired Glassmapa location-aware app. The purchase price was not disclosed, reported TechCrunchFull Story

Washington News

미국 무역 대표 Ron Kirk는 보호 무역 관점이 두드러진 인도네시아의 새로운 수입 규정에 대한 대응을 위해 WTO를 통해 공식적인 분쟁 해결 과정을 시작했다. U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk instituted a formal dispute-resolution process through the WTO over new Indonesian import regulations alleged to be protectionist. The trade dispute handicapped export of Washington apples to that market for the past two months, and should direct talks fail to resolve the issue a settlement panel could be requested. Exports fell 63% since November, with year-to-date sales to Indonesia at 430,000 boxes, compared with average annual shipments of 2.4 million boxes over the past several years, reported Yakima Herald-RepublicFull Story

스타벅스 하워드 슐츠 대표는 정치적 “역기능”은 가장 큰 사업의 위협이라고 진술하면서 소매업자들이 국립 소매 연방 연간 컨벤션 회의에 참석하도록 촉구했다. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz urged retailers to engage Congress at the National Retail Federation's annual convention, stating political "dysfunction" was the biggest threat to businesses. Uncertainty over retail sales will likely continue as Congress and the White House turn their attention to the federal budget deficit, Mr. Schultz expects, reported The Seattle TimesFull Story (Free Registration Required)

Market News

브라질의 커피 수출은 지난 해 16% 하락으로부터 반등 될 것으로 예상된다고 커피 수출국가 협회는 발표했다. Coffee exports from Brazil are expected to rebound from last year's 16% decline, the country's association of coffee exporters stated. Brazil is expected to export as much as 31 million bags of coffee this year, a 9.5% increase compared with the 28.3 million bags recorded in 2012, the association known as Cecafe stated, reported Bloomberg.comFull Story

농업은 농작물을 먹는 해충을 식별하는 하이텍 센서나 경작지에서의 로봇의 이미지를 상기시키는 산업은 아니다. Agriculture is not exactly an industry that conjures up images of robots toiling away in the field or high-tech sensors that identify crop-eating insects. A new generation of entrepreneurs, more comfortable writing algorithms than planting alfalfa, is applying its digital knowhow to make farming more efficient, food safer, and agriculture more sustainable, reportedBloomberg BusinessweekFull Story

캘리포니아의 부분적으로 빙점하의 기후는 연간 20억 달러 감귤류 산업을 손상시키고 농부들로 하여금 응급 조치에 적응이 요구되고 있다. Subfreezing temperatures in parts of California are threatening to damage the state's $2 billion a year citrus industry and have forced farmers to adopt emergency measures. It's too early to assess the latest damage, but an Arctic cold front that reached the state Jan. 10 has led California farmers to spend more than $10 million in cold-containment measures, such as wind machines that circulate warm air at night. Small citrus fruit such as lemons and mandarins will be the most vulnerable to shortages and price hikes, farmers stated. But other crops- strawberries, lettuce, avocados, broccoli- could be affected, reported The Wall Street JournalFull Story (WSJ Subscription Required)

2012년에 경험한 미국의 극심한 가뭄은 2013년 경제 성장을 저해하고 식료품 가격을 오르게 만드는 원인이 되고 있다. The severe drought the U.S. experienced in 2012 is threatening to cripple economic growth in 2013 and forcing consumers to pay higher food prices. Forecasts are for a 4% price increase in food this year, with beef, pork and chicken to be significantly affected, according to an economic professor at Creighton University and who studies farming issues. The professor also thinks food prices will likely be going up much more than the forecast, reported CNBC.comFull Story

USDA 기준에 의하면 화주들은 동일한 포장에 다른 모양과 색상의 가지를 포장할 수 있으며, USDA 등급으로도 인정된다고 한다. Under new USDA standards, shippers can pack different types and colors of eggplant in the same pack and have them certified to a USDA grade. Under the standards, if an eggplant pack is designated as mixed or specialty, it can contain more than one color or type of eggplant and receive a Fancy or No. 1 grade, stated a USDA standardization specialist. In the past, U.S. shippers could pack mixed packs, but they were not grade-certified, reported The Packer OnlineFull Story

캘리포니아의 계속된 추운 날씨에도 불구하고 딸기농사는 큰 영향을 받지 않을 것으로 전했다. A string of cold nights in California should not make much of a dent in the state's strawberry crop. Thanks to extensive freeze-protection measures, volumes and markets will not likely be significantly affected by the cold weather, stated the director of communications for the California Strawberry Commission. Most Oxnard growers ran wind machines, sprayed with water and, in some cases, brought in helicopters to mitigate damage for five nights beginning Jan. 10, reported The Packer OnlineFull Story

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