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Operator News

식당 산업은 외식에 대한 소비자들의 소비 증대로 인해 계속해서 성장이 전망된다. The restaurant industry continues to make gains as consumers feel more confident about spending discretionary dollars on dining out. Mintel has identified four trends set to impact the restaurant industry this year. The trends for 2013 are as follows: Where's the Beef? Most commodity prices have risen, but none more than beef; Liquid Assets Beverages: Gourmet cocktails, craft beers and super-nutritional juices and smoothies have raised expectations for the beverage category, and keeping up with the waves of innovation will become a vital part of all segments of the foodservice industry; Clean Food, Clean Conscience: Growing consumer concern about food quality, processing and safety means that operators can not cut corners when it comes to ingredient sourcing; and 24/7 Hunger: From roaming food trucks to self-serve coffee kiosks and fancier vending machines, fresh, high-quality food is available in more places and whenever customers want it, reportedConvenience Store NewsFull Story

맥도널드와 Finley's Management 는 이슬람 식사 법에 따라 식사가 제공된다는 거짓 광고 를 한 디트로이트 지역 식당의 혐의에 대해 주장하는 것을 해결하고자 무슬림 지역 구성원들에게 70만 달러를 지불하는데 동의했다. McDonald's and franchisee Finley's Management agreed to pay $700,000 to members of the Muslim community to settle allegations a Detroit-area restaurant falsely advertised its food as being prepared according to Islamic dietary law. The lawsuit alleged that a customer bought a chicken sandwich in September 2011 at a Dearborn McDonald's but found it wasn't halal, and McDonald's and Finley's Management deny any liability but state the settlement is in their best interests, reported The Associated PressFull Story

몇몇 레스토랑 체인들은 직원들의 건강 검진 비용 상승과 대출 자금확보의 어려움을 보이는 어려운 경제상황 속에 규모를 축소하고 있다. Some restaurant chains are getting smaller to overcome a sluggish economy, difficulty obtaining loans and the prospect of rising labor costs due to the federal health care overhaul. Pizza Hut's smaller delivery and carryout stores, "Delco Lite," have become a major part of the brand's recent turnaround, according to a company spokesman, and the Pizza Hut expects to build another 2,000 in the next decade after opening more than 300 already. The new stores cost about half as much to build as traditional Pizza Huts and generate some of the best returns on capital among Yum Brands restaurants, reported The Wall Street JournalFull Story (WSJ Subscription Required)

중국의 치킨 공급의 안정성 여부의 소동은 중국 맥도널드의 판매에서 큰 영향을 주지 않는다. Scares over the safety of China's chicken supply are taking a small bite out of McDonald's sales in that country, stated executives for the fast-food chain. Chinese authorities have cleared McDonald's and KFC owner Yum Brands of charges they had served chicken laced with excessive chemicals, but the iconic U.S. chains - long considered to serve safer and higher quality food than domestic chains - remain under fire from local media and consumers, reported ReutersFull Story

Retail News

쎄븐 일레븐의 샌드위치 판매량은 담배 매출을 추월하였다. 7-Eleven's sandwich sales are surpassing cigarettesmaking them a reliable source of profit for convenience stores as cigarette sales fizzle and food, from fresh fruit to mini-meals, is rising to take its place, reported Bloomberg BusinessweekFull Story

두바이 소매업체 Majid Al Futtaim 는 연간 수입 10% 상승을 게시한 후 1분기 이집트 Mansour Group의 슈퍼마켓에 대한 입찰에 참여할 것으로 회사 최고경영자이 밝혔다. Dubai retailer Majid Al Futtaim expects to bid for the supermarket arm of Egypt's Mansour Group in the first quarter, its chief executive stated, after it posted a 10% rise in annual revenue. Mansour Group, also the largest distributor of General Motors cars in Egypt, aims to sell supermarket chain Metro and discount grocery store Kheir Zaman. The deal was valued at $200 million to $300 million, reported ReutersFull Story

소매업체들은 소비자들의 경험이 쌓이고 있는 모바일 어플리케이션을 체계화하고 있다. Retailers are streamlining their mobile apps as they gain experience. Meijer was out early with apps for pharmacy, coupons, wine, and recipes - now they're unifying all these functions into a single app. It's a major step forward in promoting shopper engagement, stated Brick Meets ClickFull Story

자동차 연료를 판매하는 편의점의 매출은 c-store 산업에서 전반적인 점포 성장률의 3배에 달하고 있다. The growth of convenience stores selling motor fuel was nearly triple the overall store growth in the c-store industry, according to the 2013 NACS/Nielsen Convenience Industry Store Count. The U.S. convenience store count grew slightly to a record 149,220 stores as of Dec. 31, 2012. That is an increase of 1,094 stores, or 0.7%, from the prior year, reportedConvenience Store NewsFull Story

Industry News

Clean Energy Fuels 은 Covanta Energy 시설에서 새로운 압축 천연 가스 주유소를 공동개발하기 위해 합의했다. Clean Energy Fuels inked an agreement to co-develop new compressed natural gas (CNG) stations at select Covanta Energy facilities. According to Clean Energy, it first CNG station at a Covanta facility will open at the Essex County Resource Recovery Facility in Newark, NJ, later this month, reported Convenience Store NewsFull Story

일본은 이르면 2월 1일 초부터 미국의 소고기 수입기준을 현재 20개월에서 30개월로 완화한다고 밝혔다. Japan could relax the age restriction on beef imports from the U.S. to 30 months, from 20 months currently, as early as Feb. 1, the health ministry stated, as global concern over mad cow disease ebbs. The rules, imposed in 2005, permitted U.S. beef imports after a total ban in 2003 after the outbreak of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), but have caused U.S. imports to plunge and Australian beef to gain market share in Japan's 500,000 tonnes-a-year imported beef market, reported ReutersFull Story

샌프란시스코에서 열린 겨울 팬시 푸드 쇼의 18,000 명 이상의 바이어들에 의하면 올해 가장 인기있는 식품 동향은 코코넛, 이국적 오일, 맥주 알코올을 가미한 제품, 지역 향토 식품과 음료와 매운 과자들을 포함할 것이다. The hottest food trends this year will include all things coconut, exotic oils, beer-laced products, regional heritage foods, herby drinks and spicy sweets, according to the more than 18,000 buyers found at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. In canned juice or as an ingredient or simply a dried, unsweetened snack, coconut was legion at the show. America's growing love affair with its sometimes forgotten foods and animal breeds was on full view at the show. One such food was black walnuts, the robust-tasting American walnut species that grows mostly in the Southeast, reported USA TodayFull Story

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필리핀은 전년 대비 10% 상승한 23억 달러로서 2012 미국의 수출 판매량에서 세계에서 9번째로 가장 큰 시장이다. The Philippines is the ninth-largest market in the world for U.S. agricultural products with 2012 export sales estimated at $2.3 billion, up 10% from the previous year. All indications are for continued strong growth in 2013, currently forecast to reach $2.5 billion. The top 10 2012 U.S. exports (in order of value) were wheat, soybean meal, dairy products, red meats (fresh/ chilled/ frozen), poultry meat, feeds and fodders, snack foods, processed fruits and vegetables, fresh fruit, and red meats (prepared/ preserved). USDA Report

유니레버는 개인 위생 용품에 대한 높은 인기로 북미 및 남미의 이익률리 높게 상승하면서, 3분기 연속 기록적인 이익수준을 나타냈다. Unilever reported revenue growth that beat estimates for a third-straight quarter, led by gains in North and South America and demand for personal-care products. Sales excluding acquisitions and currency shifts rose 7.8% in the three months to Dec. 31, London- and Rotterdam- based Unilever stated, exceeding the 6.2% average estimate of 13 analysts polled by Bloomberg. The quantity of goods sold gained 4.8%, more than the 4% estimated by analysts and the biggest quarterly gain in two years, reported Bloomberg.comFull Story

뉴질랜드의 9억 2천 4백만 달러 낙농 산업은 우유의 독성 물질 발견으로 피해를 볼 수 있다. New Zealand's $924 million dairy industry may be hurt by the discovery of a toxic substance in milk. The country's two largest fertilizer companies, Ravensdown and Ballance Agri-Nutrients, suspended sales of dicyandiamide (DCD) after low levels were found in dairy products. Farmers apply DCD to pastures to prevent the fertilizer byproduct nitrate from seeping into rivers and lakes. Government officials expressed concern about the potential damage to the industry, which accounts for nearly a third of the nation's exports, and a government study of DCD use is now under way, reported The Wall Street Journal.Full Story (WSJ Subscription Required)

Washington News

심각한 식품 알러지를 가진 사람들은 그들에게 적합한 메뉴를 찾는 걸 가능케 하는 방법이 제시되었다. People with severe food allergies have a new tool in their attempt to find menus that fit their diet: federal disabilities law, according to The Associated Press. A settlement stemming from a lack of gluten-free foods available to students at a Massachusetts university could serve as a precedent for people with other allergies or conditions, including peanut sensitivities or diabetes. Institutions and businesses subject to the Americans With Disabilities Act could be open to lawsuits if they fail to honor requests for accommodations by people with food allergies. Full Story

뉴욕 시 당국은 설탕음료의 크게 제한에 따른 비평에 대해 의미있는 규제가 될 것으로 반박했다. New York City defended its size limits on sugary drinks as an imperfect but meaningful rein on obesity,while critics stated it would hurt small and minority-owned businesses while doing little to help health, according to The Associated Press. The first courtroom arguments in the closely watched case ended without an immediate ruling. Opponents stated they planned to ask a judge to delay enforcement during the suit, which has broached questions of racial fairness alongside arguments about government authority and burdens to business, reported Bloomberg Businessweek.Full Story

Market News

상위 미국 곡물 생산 주의 농업 기업들은 2012년 극심한 가뭄의 영향으로, 옥수수 농사를 여러 번 지은 후에 다른 농작물로의 전환을 계획하고 있다. Farmers in top U.S. grain states are planning to rotate to other crops after repeated plantings of corn on the same fields, combined with a devastating drought in 2012, badly hurt yields. Farmers in Iowa and Illinois, which accounted for almost 30% of U.S. corn production in 2012, are expected to shift some acreage that was seeded exclusively with corn over the past several years to soybeans this spring, reported ReutersFull Story

멕시코만의 새우 가공업자들은 미국 새우 시장의 약 90%가 수입됨에 따라 새우의 관세율 인하의 목소리를 높이고 있다. Gulf Coast shrimp processors are seeking new tariffs on imported shrimp as imports now account for more than 90% of the U.S. shrimp market. The Commerce Department and the International Trade Commission are preparing to begin considering the tariffs case this week, and The Coalition of Gulf Shrimp Industries is challenging seven countries that exported $4.3 billion worth of shrimp to the U.S. in 2011, including China, Thailand, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam, reportedMcClatchy NewspapersFull Story

서부지역의 추운 날씨로 인해 전반적인 농산물 가격 상승을 야기시킨다. The deep freeze in the West are raising prices of theA nation's 'salad bowl.' Romaine lettuce prices have nearly tripled in a year to as much as $32 for a carton of 24 heads of lettuce, broccoli prices are up 288% to $33 a carton, and spinach prices are up 150% to as much as $25 a carton, according to USDA. "The price has more than doubled on our spinach," stated the operator of a chain of Los Angeles restaurants called Maria's Italian Kitchen, which pulled asparagus after the produce was sold at approximately $75 a case, or more than $6/lb., reported NBCNewsFull Story

남미 사과와 배의 수입은 2월과 3월에 물량이 선적될 때 강한 수요를 기대한다. Importers of South American apples and pears expect strong demand when volumes begin shipping in February and March. Apples Chelan Fresh Marketing hopes to have Chilean galas available by March, stated the vice president of marketing. Bengard Marketing expects to begin bringing in Chilean bartletts the first or second week of February, about seven to 10 days later than normal, stated the vice president. Despite the delay, volumes are expected to be normal and quality good, reported The Packer OnlineFull Story

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