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Taylor, PA 에 위치한 Broadline 유통업체인 Schiff's Food가 IFDA 에 가입했다. IFDA is pleased to announce that Schiff's Food Service, Inc., a broadline distributor located in Taylor, PA, has joined the association. The company, founded in 1969 as Schiff's Restaurant Service, serves customers at independent and chain restaurants, retail, education, healthcare, and convenience stores. Schiff's operates a USDA meat cutting facility and provides high quality specialty meat cutting. The company also sources fresh and frozen seafood from around the world. Shiff's state-of-the art distribution center has more than 45,000 square feet of dry warehouse and multi-temp refrigerated areas and serves a distribution area that includes northern NJ, eastern PA, and southern NY. The company is a member of UniPro Foodservice and is led by Michael Yeager, President, who can be reached at myeager@schiff's.com. To learn more about the company, visit their website at www.schiffs.com.

IFDA는 연방 예산이 삭감된다 할지라도 식품 검역을 지속하기를 미농무성(USDA)에 촉구하는 서안을 보냈다. IFDA sent a letter urging the Department of Agriculture (USDA) to continue food inspections even if across the board federal budget cuts are enacted. The letter, which was signed by more than 30 food industry trade associations, pressed the agency to find other ways to deal with the budget reductions that would come on March 1. Meat and poultry processing companies operate under continuous USDA inspection and must shut down without an inspector. In previous government shutdowns, inspectors have been considered essential personnel and have continued working. The letter, which is available here, takes no position on the budget cuts themselves. If you are an IFDA member and would like more information please contact the IFDA government relations department.

Technomic 은 다음 IFDA 웹 세미나에서 2013년 업데이트 된 시장 예측자료를 발표할 예정이다. Technomic will present an updated forecast for 2013 in an upcoming IFDA webinar. During the session a representative from Technomic will review the economy, the consumer, and industry performance. This webinar, open only to IFDA Distributor Members, takes place on February 21 at 2:00 PM EST and costs only $25 per station. To register, click here.

Distributor News

캐쥬얼 멕시칸 식당 Pancheros는 Reinhart FoodService가 올해의 협력업체로 수상됨을 발표했다. Pancheros, a fast casual Mexican restaurant, has announced that Reinhart FoodService is the recipient of their Vendor of the Year Award, reported ID AccessFull Story

IFDA회원 Mile Hi Specialty Foods 는 Noodles &Company 이사회를 통해 2012년 최고의 물류센터로 지명되었다. IFDA member Mile Hi Specialty Foods has been named "Distribution Center of the Year for 2012" by Noodles & Company during a presentation made at the company's annual meeting. The company's Vice President of Supply Chain Joe Gordon, presented the award to Kristy Taddonio Mullins, president of Mile Hi, Cody Mullins, vice president, and Hayden Clower, director of service. The award recognizes excellence in distribution, customer service, quality and timeliness. Full Story

미국 식자재 유통 산업에서 2012년 한 해는 인수가 활발하게 진행되었다. Acquisition activity in the U.S. was robust in 2012 as the desire to "acquire vs. grow" profitable revenues picked up momentum. At least 27 independent companies were acquired over the year - a 25% increase over 2011. Nine ID Top 50 distributors were acquired representing cumulative revenues of $2.8 billion. The acquired revenues were five times that from all other top 50 companies purchased in 2010 and 2011 combined. To read more about the 2012 acquisitions and an analysis of what 2013 might bring, download the Keiter Stephens Advisors Foodservice Update.

Operator News

호주에 위치한 맥도널드는 식당에서 세계 최초로 접시와 실버웨어, 테이블 서비스를 제공하게 되었다. A McDonald's location in Australia is the first in the world to offer plates, silverware and table service with dine-in meals. McDonald's global headquarters gave the go-ahead to trial table service, even going so far as to produce promotional flyers for the event. The trial will be a month long, reported UPIFull Story

Target 덕분에 캐나다 스타벅스는 올해 역사상 가장 큰 확장에 착수할 것인데 캐나다 전반에 150개 이상의 새로운 지점을 오픈 할 계획이다. Thanks in part to Target, Starbucks Canada will be undertaking the biggest expansion effort in its history this year, with plans to open more than 150 new locations across the country. The subsidiary of Seattle-based Starbucks Corp. will open outlets inside many of the 124 Target locations opening in Canada in 2013 beginning next month, reported Ottawa CitizenFull Story

식당에서의 “저 칼로리” 아이템이 상승함에 따라 빅 버거의 수요는 줄어들고 있다. Demand for big burgers at restaurants is falling, with "low-calorie" items rising to take their place, a new study by the Hudson Institute finds. (At our favorite chains, "low-calorie" is a pretty inclusive category.) In this study, it meant no more than 500 calories for entrees, 50 calories per 8 oz. beverage, and 150 calories for side dishes, appetizers, and desserts. So while apple slices and grilled chicken make the cut, so do McRib sandwiches at 500 calories and and Egg McMuffins at 300 calories. The report examines U.S. sales at 21 large restaurant companies, from McDonald's and Burger King to Applebee's (DIN) and Olive Garden (DRI). Sales of all "low-calorie" items increased by 472.4 million servings from 2006 to 2011. In addition to low-cal foods, beverages such as diet soda and coffee are also growing categories, reportedBloomberg BusinessweekFull Story

버거킹은 시애틀의 베스트 커피와 파트너 쉽을 가지고 다양한 커피 음료를 판매함으로써 커피 구색을 대량 업그레이드하는 계획을 발표할 것이다. Burger King will announce plans for a massive upgrade of its coffee platform, doubling the number of coffee beverages it sells to 10 in partnership with Seattle's Best Coffee. The move comes at a time the number of U.S. specialty coffee servings jumped a robust 6% last year, three times that of regular coffee, reports NPD Group. Beginning this week, BK is replacing its current brewed coffee with a smoother Seattle's Best blend. It also will have a new decaf and a new hot chocolate. BK also will roll out four new iced coffees: plain, vanilla, mocha and caramel. And it will roll out four lattes in those same four flavors. The latte rollout begins in March, reported USA TodayFull Story

Chipotle 은 다른 나라로 좀더 공격적으로 진출하려는 계획을 가지고 있으며, 이는 매년 20% 매출 증대와 15% 지점 수 증대하는 회사의 기본 방침과 유관하다. Chipotle plans to grow more aggressively in other countries and raise its marketing profile in 2013 following a year in which the chain increased its number of locations by 15% and its revenue by 20%. The company's CEO is also planning a "significant" ad buy in about 25 markets that will include billboards, radio and print media. That marketing push will feature the launch of Chipotle's new catering service, reported Denver Business JournalFull Story

KFC의 인도 진출과 함께, Yum Brands 는 2nd tier 시장에서 2015년까지 1,000개 점포와 시스템 영업에서 10억 달러 이상의 매출을 목표로 하고 있다. After making KFCs a common sight in big Indian cities, Yum Brands is now targeting second-tier markets as it looks to ring up $1 billion in system sales and 1,000 stores by 2015. Niren Chaudhary, president of Yum's India operations, stated the company, whose other chains include Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, is counting on a new wave of growth in India propelled by favorable demographics, reportedThe Wall Street JournalFull Story

Yum Brands는 올해 러시아와 구 소련국가에서 60~70개의 점포를 오픈 할 계획을 가지고 있고 성장을 도모할 새로운 프랜차이즈 파트너를 찾고 있다. Meanwhile, Yum Brands plans to open between 60 and 70 restaurants this year in Russia and other former Soviet countriesand is looking for new franchise partners to help drive growth. Yum and its franchisees already have 216 restaurants in the Commonwealth of Independent States and the group makes more than half of its overall sales in China, where it has nearly 5,300 restaurants, reported ReutersFull Story

지난 해 Doritos Locos Tacos를 약 3억 5천만개 이상 판매 후 Taco Bell 은 3월 7일 Cool Ranch 버전을 소개할 것이다. After selling more than 350 million of its Doritos Locos Tacos in the last year, Taco Bell will introduce the Cool Ranch version March 7. The chain will also offer a less caloric version of the Cool Ranch taco with 140 calories and 7 grams of fat, reported Chicago TribuneFull Story (Free Registration Required)

구두쇠 타입의 고객들은 올해 외식의 횟수는 늘리지만 외식 당 비용은 줄일 생각을 갖고 있다. Penny-pinching diners plan to eat out more this year and spend less on each meal, according to AlixPartners. Those intentions threaten to squeeze restaurant operators, who are grappling with rising costs for beef and other popular ingredients as they increase spending on advertising and special deals to stay ahead of rivals in a brutally competitive industry. Traffic to U.S. restaurants should rise about 3% in 2013. Expected average spending per meal should fall 4.7% to $12.85 as diners seek out coupons, discounts and other deals as a way to cope with the weak U.S. economic recovery, reported ReutersFull Story

Retail News

Sprouts Farmers Market 은 신규주식공개(IPO)를 고려하고 있다. Sprouts Farmers Market is considering an initial public offering, according to three people familiar with the matter. The company may begin interviewing underwriters for an IPO soon, reported Bloomberg.com.Full Story

프랑스의 농업 장관은 도매업자들 사이의 복잡한 거래관계로 인해 말 고기가 소고기로 둔갑하여 유럽 전역에서 냉동 라자니아로 팔렸던 것처럼 traceability를 확보하는 데 어려움이 있다고 밝혔다. France's agriculture minister stated complex trading between wholesalers makes it increasingly difficult to trace the origins of food like the horsemeat disguised as beef being sold in frozen lasagna around Europe, according to The Associated Press. Agriculture Minister Stephane Le Foll stated the results of the investigation would be released Feb. 13, but it was already clear that Europe needs to find a way "out of the fog." Full Story

전국 식료품 협회의 발표된 소비자 트렌드 2013 보고서에 의하면 가격은 소비자의 구매에 영향을 미치는 top 10에 포함도지 않는 것으로 나타났다. Price was not one of consumers' top 10 concerns in a 2013 study of shopper trends released by the National Grocers Association, though that statistic could already be changing, stated Mark Batenic, president and chief operating officer of IGA. "That is a surprising statistic," he stated, "but it could be changing as we speak, given the changes since January in tax laws that affect personal income. In fact, there is evidence customers are beginning to trade down again as they see their incomes dropping," reported Supermarket NewsFull Story

Industry News

페루 소비재 생산업체 Alicorp 은 브라질 파스타 생산업체 Santa Amalia Alimentos를 9천 5백만 달러에 인수했다. Peruvian consumer-goods producer Alicorp acquired Brazilian pasta producer Santa Amalia Alimentos for 190 million Brazilian reais ($95 million). The acquisition marks the entrance of Alicorp into the Brazilian market. The deal will consolidate the Peruvian company's presence in Latin Americ. Santa Amalia, which is based in Minas Gerais state, posted revenue of BRL573 million last year and has 1,400 employees, reported The Wall Street JournalFull Story (WSJ Subscription Required)

농업에탄올 생산업체들은 대형오일 회사에 대항하여 경쟁에 이기기 위한 노력을 시작해야 하고 이는 지속해야 한다고 미국 농무부 장관 Tom Vilsack이 밝혔다. Ethanol producers are beginning to win the battle against Big Oil companies and must continue the fight, stated U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack. The former Governor of Iowa acknowledged that ethanol producers have a challenging road ahead. In order to keep winning the battle, he stated the industry first needs more people to speak on its behalf, reported Convenience Store NewsFull Story

유기농 사업은 급 성장 중으로서 유기농 식품 매출이 전년도 9.4% 증가한 2백 92억 달러로 성장했다. The business in organics is booming; even as the rest of the economy sputtered to recover in 2011, organic food sales nationally grew to $29.2 billion, a 9.4% increase from the year before. Statistics for 2012 haven't yet been compiled, but the Organic Trade Association expects to see the pattern continue unabated. Gresham, OR-based Organically Grown Co. is the largest wholesale distributor of organic food in the Northwest. The company has 100,000-sq.-ft. of refrigerated storage space, and supplies about 200 grocery stores and restaurants, reported OregonLive.comFull Story

중소기업 전망 조사에 따르면, 중소기업 대표들은 경제에 대해 다소 긍정적이지만 그들의 사업전망은 그렇지 않게 않는다고 밝혔다. Small-business owners were slightly more optimistic about the economy last month but their outlook remained poor, according to the Small Business Optimism Index, a monthly gauge from the National Federation of Independent Business. The index rose to 88.9 in January, up 0.9 percentage points from the previous month, and the second straight modest monthly rise after the index tumbled in November to its lowest point since early 2010, reported The Los Angeles TimesFull Story

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과일과 야채 퓨레로 채워져 있는 “스퀴즈” 나 “튜브”식품은 어린이에서 어른까지 확대되고 있으며, 차나 운동, 이동 중에 간식으로도 판매되고 있다. "Squeezies" or "tubes" filled with fruit and vegetable puree are expanding from babies to adults and marketed as snacks on the go, while in the car or working out. Sales of pouch-style baby food more than doubled in the last three months, while companies including Happy Family, Buddy Fruits and GoGo squeeZ are experimenting with products for adults that feature larger portion sizes, simpler designs and sophisticated flavors like cranberry or acai, reportedThe Wall Street JournalFull Story (WSJ Subscription Required)

한국의 인당 커피 소비는 아시아 태평양 지역의 소비량보다 약 5배나 높고 전체 커피 시장은 2012년에 30억 달러로 평가되었다. South Korea's per capita coffee consumption is five times greater than consumption in the rest of the Asia-Pacific region and the total coffee market was valued at about $3 billion in 2012. Despite the economic downturn and health concerns, the coffee sector in Korea continues to grow by 30% over last four consecutive years. In 2012, there were about 12,000 specialty coffee shops, a 60% increase since 2008. Most roasted coffee beans imported from the U.S. are handled by U.S.-based coffee franchises such as Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.USDA Report

Nestle SA's Hawaii Kona Special Reserve may cost eight times as much as regular ground coffee, but the Kona brew is part of a broader push upmarket that has helped the company boost profitability beyond that of rivals such as Unilever and Danone. Analysts state the effort helped Nestle's 2012 sales growth exceed the company's annual target of about 6%, reported Bloomberg.comFull Story

유럽 보건 및 소비자 위원회는 가공 식품에서 대해서도 원산지 라벨을 적용하는 것을 고려하고 있다. The European Commission is considering extending rules on place of origin labeling to processed food, stated the EU Health and Consumer Affairs Commissioner. The rule extension comes after the scandal over horsemeat sold as beef products in several European countries was due to someone breaking existing laws on product labeling, describing the product for sale, reported ReutersFull Story

H.J. Heinz 는 280억 달러 규모의 인수조건으로 억만장자 투자자인 워렌버핏을 포함한 투자 그룹에 의해 인수 되는 것을 동의했다. 이는 식품업계에서 가장 큰 거래라고 알려졌다. H.J. Heinz agreed to be acquired by an investment group including billionaire investor Warren Buffett in a deal valued at $28 billion. The ketchup company claims it is the largest deal ever in the food industry. Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital, the investment firm which also bought Burger King in 2010, state Heinz will remain headquartered in Pittsburgh, reported The Associated PressFull Story

특별식과 메인 음식 과의 차이는 활발해지는 미식가 영향으로 점점 흐릿해지고 있다. The line between specialty and mainstream foods continues to blur due to the escalating foodie movement, according to Food Technology. Some 76% of U.S. adults enjoy talking about new or interesting foods, some 53% of U.S. adults regularly watch cooking shows, and Two-thirds (or 68%) of adults purchase specialty foods for everyday home meals, according to statistics from the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, Package Facts and the 2012 Culinary Visions Panel Survey. Total sales of specialty foods reached $75.1 billion in 2011, reported Science DailyFull Story

남아프리카 소비자들은 장기적으로 농산물 가격의 상승이 예상됨으로 이에 대한 준비가 필요할 것으로 보인다. South African consumers

Health News

연구원들은 포화지방이 우리 인체와의 관계에 대한 긍정성 여부를 여전히 논의 중이다. Researchers are still debating whether saturated fat is healthy or not. National Institutes of Health researchers conducted a re-analysis of an old clinical trial involving 458 male heart patients and found that those who were randomly assigned to eat a diet richer in polyunsaturated vegetable oils instead of saturated animal fats had a bigger drop in cholesterol levels over a three-year period than those who stuck with their usual dietary habits - but they also had more heart disease deaths, reported The Boston GlobeFull Story (Subscription Required)

Washington News

Michael Bloomberg 뉴욕시 시장은 사전 포장 식품에 소금을 줄이기 위한 국가적 노력의 결과를 발표할 예정이다. Mayor Michael Bloomberg is set to announce the results of a national effort to reduce salt in pre-packaged foods, according to The Associated Press. In 2010, the city set voluntary salt guidelines for various restaurant and store-bought foods, from soup to hot dogs. The goal was to cut salt levels in food by a quarter overall in five years. Full Story

Market News

로부스타 커피 콩의 가격은 특별히 러시아와 브라질과 같은 신흥시장에서 가격에 민감한 소비자들로 인한 상승하는 글로벌 수요로 인해 지난해에 13% 상승했다. Prices of robusta coffee beans are up 13% in the past year because of rising global demand, especially among price-conscious consumers in emerging markets like Russia and Brazil. The robusta bean variety is often used in Nestle's Nescafe and other instant coffees, while the costlier arabica bean, popular in the U.S. and Europe, has seen its prices decrease 37%. ICE-certified stockpiles of arabica coffee have grown 72% to 2.6 million bags over the past year, each weighing 132-lbs., a sign of flagging demand. Robusta inventories have shrunk 55% in the same period, reported The Wall Street Journal.Full Story (WSJ Subscription Required)

지속되는 가뭄으로 인해 옥수수가 너무나 부족해서 거의 이십여 개의 에탄올 공장들은 생산을 지속하기 어려운 상황에 직면하고 있다. The persistent drought is taking a toll on producers of ethanol, with corn becoming so scarce that nearly two dozen ethanol plants have been forced to halt production. Data from The Renewable Fuels Association, an ethanol industry trade group, shows that 20 of the nation's 211 ethanol plants have ceased production over the past year, including five in January. Most remain open, with workers spending time performing maintenance-type tasks. But ethanol production won't likely resume until after 2013 corn is harvested in late August or September, reported The Associated PressFull Story

USDA는 2022 농업 사업 계획을 발표했다. USDA released its Agricultural Projections to 2022. The report provides longrun projections for the farm sector for the next 10 years. Key results in the projections include the following: Prices for major crops decrease in the early years of the projections as global production responds to recent high prices; Total U.S. red meat and poultry production is projected to fall in 2013 in response to lower producer returns and drought in the Southern Plains of the U.S. over the past two years; and World economic growth and demand for biofuels combine to support longer run increases in consumption, trade, and prices for agricultural products. Full Story

토마토 수입업자들은 멕시코 토마토 농가와 미국 상공회의소 간 강화협정에 따라 3월 초까지 가격 인상 및 감소된 볼륨을 예상했다. Tomato importers project higher prices and reduced volumes by early March, the expected effective date of a new suspension agreement between Mexican tomato growers and the U.S. Commerce Department. The Commerce Department announced the plan Feb. 2. The proposal raises minimum prices substantially, in some cases more than double the current floor price for certain products. U.S. growers had been unhappy with current floor prices for Mexican tomatoes and in 2012 requested the end of a suspension agreement that set those prices since 1996, stopping an anti-dumping investigation, reported The Packer OnlineFull Story

혁신과 넓은 사고를 통하여 미국 농부들과 목장주들은 전통 방식의 농업에서 최신 기술 지식기반, 사회 변화 산업으로 빠른 변화를 모색해왔다. Through innovation and thinking big, U.S. farmers and ranchers have transformed agriculture from mule-and-plow operations into one of the most tech-savvy and society-changing industries in the modern world. Modern agriculture is at the forefront in technology, leading to greater efficiency and safety, reported Ag AlertFull Story

인플레이션 적응 후 2013 순 농업 수입은 1,282억 달러로 예측, 1973년 이래 가장 높을 것으로 예상된다. After adjusting for inflation, 2013's net farm income, forecast at $128.2 billion, is expected to be the highest since 1973, according to ERS. A return to trend yields would lead to record crop production levels and result in substantial year-end crop inventories. Full Story

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