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IFDA 회장이자 McLane 푸드서비스 대표 이사인 Tom Zatina 새롭게 단장한 IFDA 홈페이지 인터뷰 코너에서 Buffalo Wings 사업, MBM 인수그리고푸드서비스 사업 다각화와 관련해 다양한 이야기를 들려주고 있다.


In a wide ranging interview on IFDA's newly launched website, IFDA Chairman Tom Zatina, president of McLane Foodservice, talks about the Buffalo Wild Wings business, the MBM acquisition, and diversity in foodservice. Mr. Zatina also shares insights on leadership and culture at McLane Foodservice, discusses the Foodservice GS1 US standards initiative, and answers a question about "what he would change in today's operating environment." Full Story


Operator News


올해 2 McDonald 동일매장 매출은 윤달이었던 전년과 비교해  1.5%정도 감소하였다.


McDonald's global same-store sales fell 1.5% in February, compared with a year-earlier period that included an extra day for the leap year. Analysts expected a 1.6% decline in global sales at McDonald's restaurants open at least 13 months, according to Consensus Metrix, though same-store sales were up 1.7% when excluding the calendar shift. Same-store sales in the U.S. were down 3.3%, compared with analysts' estimate of a nearly 3.6% decline, and the company stated same-store sales were flat when excluding the calendar impact. The month did benefit from the recent addition of the Grilled Onion Cheddar burger and the Hot 'n Spicy McChicken to McDonald's cheaper options, McDonald's stated, reported The Wall Street Journal. Full Story (WSJSubscription Required)



General Mill Coborn사와 손잡고 고령 소비자들에게 특화된 배달 서비스를 시작할 계획이다.


General Mills is launching a unique food delivery service, partnering withCoborn's and focusing on the senior demographic. The service is a pilot, but if it works in the Twin Cities, General Mills could take it to other markets. The company is producing a new product for the delivery service, frozen full meals under the moniker Betty Crocker Kitchens. The meals will be distributed byCobornsDelivers, which covers the Twin Cities area. General Mills has developed 25 meals under the Betty Crocker Kitchens banner, reported Minneapolis Star Tribune. Full Story



Industry News


뉴욕 공무원들은 학교급식으로 Greek Yogurt (미국에서 가장 유명한 요거트 브랜드)   저렴하고 효율적적으로 공급하는 방법을 테스트하기 위한 급식시범 사업 지역으로 뉴욕이 포함되기를 희망하고 있다.


New York officials want the state to be part of a pilot program to test the cost-effectiveness of serving Greek yogurt in school meal programs, according to The Associated Press. USDA is starting a pilot program that could lead to more Greek yogurt in schools as early as April. Full Story



Convenience Valet (뷰티/건강 식품 전문) 깔끔하고천연 그대로의 맛을살리면서도 저렴한 천연 식품군을 출시하기 위해Wholesome Goodness파트너십을 체결하였다.


Convenience Valet partnered with Wholesome Goodness to launch a broad assortment of affordable, all-natural products that are "simple, naturally delicious." Wholesome Goodness products include Grilled Vegetable and Multi-Grain/Omega Tortilla Chips and snack mixes in flavors as Mountain and Tuxedo, reported Convenience Store News. Full Story



유럽은 지리적 표시 (상품의 품질이 생산지의 기후풍토 등과 밀접한 관련이 있을 경우 상품의 생산지를 알리는 표시를 일컫는다지리적 표시 자체가 상표로서 식별력을 갖고 있음보르도와인) 고집한 끝에 미국과의 FA협정을 견뎌낼  있었다.


Europe's insistence that the U.S. recognize "geographical indications" could hold up a free-trade pact between the EU and the U.S., according to the Bloomberg View editorial board. "Geographical indications" are trademark-like protections granted to foods and beverages according to their region of origin, distinct method of production and source of ingredients. U.S. trade officials claim that agreeing to the EU's demand could force the removal and relabeling of a large number of products in U.S. stores at a considerable expense. Full Story



최근 기업들은 예전과 비교할  없을 정도로 많은 량의 정보를 획득할 있게 되었고기존에 파악하기 어려웠던 정보를 다양한 소스로부터 실시간으로 획득할  있게 되었다.


Companies have access to vastly more information than they used to, it comes from many more different sources than before, and they can get it almost as soon as it's generated. It's called big data, and companies are figuring out how to put it to work. Shippers are using sensors on trucks to find ways to speed up deliveries. Manufacturers can trawl through thousands of forum posts to figure out if customers will like a new feature on their product. Hiring managers study how candidates answer questions to see if they'd be a good match, reported The Wall Street Journal. Full Story (WSJ Subscription Required)



생수가 탄산음료를 제치고 미국 소비자들이 가장 선호하는 음료가 되다.


Water has replaced soda as the preferred beverage in the U.S., according to The Associated Press. Americans now drink an average of 44 gallons of soda a year, a 17% drop from the peak in 1998. Over the same time, the average amount of water people drink increased 38%, to about 58 gallons a year. Bottled water has led that growth, with consumption nearly doubling to 21 gallons a year. Currently, people drink 21 gallons of bottled water a year. That compares with 37 gallons of other water, which includes tap, sparkling, flavored and enhanced waters such as Coca-Cola's vitaminwater, reported News & Observer. Full Story

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Retail News


Whole Foods  2018년까지 북미 매장에서 판매하는 GMO 식품들에 대해유전자 조작 현황을 공개하는 라벨을 부착할 계획이다.


Whole Foods will have labels disclosing genetically modified ingredients (GMOs) by 2018 in its North American stores, according to The Associated Press. Whole Foods Market has been working with suppliers for years to source products that do not have GMO ingredients, selling more than 3,000 GMO-free products, reported CBS NewsFull Story



Whole Foods 방문객들이 머물면서 건강하게 사는 생활 방법을 체험할 있는 헬쓰 리조트 시설을 확장할 계획이다.


Whole Foods is planning an upscale health resort where guests could stay and learn about a healthier lifestyle. The resort - which would use Whole Foods in its name - would likely open in or near downtown Austin, where the company plans to expand its headquarters, perhaps within the next three years. The move into the health resort business would mark a continuing evolution from selling healthy food to promoting an active lifestyle, reported USA Today. Full Story



Market News


캘리포니아 농장에서 일하던 기존 이주 노동자들  고령이 되어 그들의 고향인 멕시코로 되돌아가는데 사례가 늘어나고 있는데 반해그들을 대체할새로운 이민자 수는 점차 줄어들면서, 440 달러 규모의 캘리포니아 농업은 최근 노동력 부족에 시달리고 있다.


California's $44 billion agricultural industry faces a worsening labor shortage as farmworkers age, more return home to Mexico and fewer new migrants arrive to replace them, according to The Associated Press. The state's farming workforce is aging and shrinking for several reasons, including stricter immigration enforcement, an improving economy in Mexico and the lack of interest in field work among the children of farmworkers, reportedtheSacramento Bee. Full Story



  미국 전역 걸쳐 작년과 달리 농사를 짓기에 매우 좋은 날씨가 지속되고 있다.


The weather pattern across the U.S. this spring appears to be "vastly different than last March, and will translate to a more favorable growing season for agriculture" in many areas, according to a spring forecast released by private forecasting company AccuWeather. Drought is not expected to be a problem this spring in eastern parts of the Corn Belt, such as in Illinois, Indiana and the Ohio Valley, reported USA Today. Full Story


Health News


주중에 하루 5시간씩 수면하고과식하는 습관은 체중 증가의  원인이다.


Sleeping just five hours a night over a workweek and having unlimited access to food caused participants to gain weight, according to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Researchers show that while staying awake longer requires more energy, the amount of food study participants ate more than offset the extra calories burned,reportedScience DailyFull Story


Distributor News


IFDA 회원사이자 아칸소  밴뷰런 지역을 연고로 하는 Tankersley Food Service 지난 1 아칸소  올해의 기업으로 선정되었다.


IFDA member Tankersley Food Service of Van Buren, AR was honored in February as an Arkansas Business of the Year. The award was presented for the category of 76-300 employees, the largest scale of company in the awards program, and Tankersley received the top spot out of five finalist companies in the category. The awards program is in its 25th year and recognizes outstanding private businesses within the state. CEO Don Tankersley accepted the award on behalf of the company, which is ranked Number 61 in the Arkansas Business list of the state's largest private companies. Full Story





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