CY & Partners Inc. provides both strategy services and implementation solutions. We aim to deliver client results rather than a consulting report. We work with top executives and managers to help them make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions, and deliver the sustainable success they desire.

Vision & Mission

  We Support Our Client Leadership in Their Business Area
  The Kingdom of God into our business world

Core Values

  Client Success
  Thought Leadership

Commitments to Results
  Provides both strategy consulting and implementation solutions

  Strategy Consulting Services
- CY Strategy Consulting
- Kingdom Business Management Institute

  Implementation Solutions
- Scientific Marketing & Business Intelligence Solution: Sentrana
- Employment Branding & Advertising
- IFDA (International Foodservice Distributors Association)
- Export / Import & Marketing Support
- Recruiting Services: GNR Korea

Global Partnership

  International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA)
  Scientific Marketing & Business Intelligence Solution: Sentrana
  Employment Branding & Advertising: TMP Worldwide
  Leadership and Kingdom Business: Institute

  Additionally, we have a relationship with many other consulting firms from most of
  continents and more partners will be listed.

Experienced Team

  Experienced former executives, line managers and consultants
  Specialized in quickly improving operational and financial performance,
   with sustainable results

Unique Culture

  Strong ethics and integrity
  Down-to-earth, pragmatic people
  Collaborative culture, focused on joint success

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